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At 80, You Will Want To Live Like Stirling Moss

Illustration for article titled At 80, You Will Want To Live Like Stirling Moss

His elevator may be wonky, but Sir Stirling is definitely living the life. After all, what ‘50s racing hero gets this kind of attention while sitting in his ex-teammate’s Maserati?


This photo of Moss in the Maserati 250F was taken at Donington Park in 2006 and this is what the photographer had to say:

Even at 80 years of age Sir Stirling Moss doesn’t seem to have any trouble getting beautiful women to throw themselves at him. Here he is at Donington Park about to take a Maserati 250F out for a drive. Now, I am a Yank on the other side of the pond and we don’t see this type of uniform on the gals in our pits. How can you Brits get away with it and what can we do to copy it?


What, indeed!

Photo Credit: Louis Galanos

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TheAntiCat: i can haz beer?

Okay Jalops: If we were to have our own Hot Chick pitcrew, who would be in it?

I say we start with this clone army of Keeley Hazell. What do ya say?