These Are China's Most Shameless Knockoffs

The Chinese auto industry is famous for its knockoffs. Hell, the whole Chinese manufacturing industry is famous for its knockoffs. These are the best clones from the recent 2013 Shanghai Auto Show. » 4/22/13 4:28pm 4/22/13 4:28pm

This Retro Communist Limo Is The Coolest Car At The Shanghai Auto Show

This, my fellow members of the Working Proletariat, is what the endless joy of Communism brings us. This beast of burden, this chromed harbinger of the downfall of the bourgeoisie, this generous mass that has been handed down to us by those who are more equal than others, is the true reward for harmoniously striving… » 4/21/13 2:16pm 4/21/13 2:16pm

Acura Concept SUV-X Is NSX-Esque And That Ain't Bad

Just as everybody else seems to be doing this week, Acura is gearing up to focus on the China, now the largest car market in the world. To that end, they've decided to debut a concept outside of North America for the first time, by revealing its Acura Concept SUV-X at the Shanghai Auto Show. » 4/21/13 12:41pm 4/21/13 12:41pm

The Volkswagen iBeetle Is Pandering To Millennials At Its Worst

The number of automakers trying to crack the code to get Millennials to give a shit about cars grows with every major auto show and now Volkswagen has sunk to new lows with the Apple-aping name of the special edition iBeetle. It's a car built around a smartphone. » 4/21/13 12:00pm 4/21/13 12:00pm

Dongfeng And Nissan's Electro-Orange VIWA Concept Aims For Less Smog

Next up in the line of China debuts at the Shanghai Auto Show, the Venucia VIWA Electric Vehicle Concept. It may not reach our shores or even see production, but it might have some hints about the next-generation Nissan Leaf. » 4/21/13 11:30am 4/21/13 11:30am

The Honda Concept M Is The Most Terrifying Minivan I Have Ever Seen

Oh hey look Honda debuted a new minivan concept at the Shanghai Auto Show today and it is ABSOLUTELY TERRIFYING. » 4/20/13 3:55pm 4/20/13 3:55pm

The Nissan Friend-ME Concept Wants To Be Your Friend

You there! Are you a Chinese male born sometime in the 1980s? Then the Nissan Friend-ME Concept wants to be your friend. It's in its name and everything. » 4/20/13 11:44am 4/20/13 11:44am

The MG CS SUV Concept Is A Far Cry From An Old British Roadster

MG, the venerated British brand that gave us little runabouts like the Midget and the MGB, drove itself into the ground a few years ago and it was scooped up by the Chinese companies Nanjing Automobile and SAIC. To that end, SAIC debuted the SUV part of the re-born MG, the CS, at the Shanghai Auto Show earlier today. » 4/20/13 10:14am 4/20/13 10:14am

The Ford Escort Concept Is Ford's Classy Date To Shanghai

The Ford Escort name means very different things depending on which side of the pond you're from. For Europeans it's a classic, beloved small car with a rallying heritage that also gave birth to legends like the Escort Cosworth RS. For Americans, the Escort was kind of a shitbox. » 4/20/13 9:22am 4/20/13 9:22am

The Buick Riviera Design Study Is A Hot Looker With A Tired Old Name

Buick might have a reputation as a car for old men here in America, but in China, Buick is the bee's knees. Everyone wants one. Today at the Shanghai Auto Show, they introduced the Riviera Design Study, a hot coupe that they'll never build. » 4/19/13 9:34am 4/19/13 9:34am

The Volkswagen CrossBlue Coupe Is Neither Blue Nor A Coupe, Discuss

For years, I was under the impression that the word "coupe" means a car has two doors, but the German automakers seem dead-set on proving me wrong. The latest example is this: the Volkswagen CrossBlue Coupe Concept, which does not have two doors but is called a "coupe" anyway. » 4/18/13 5:08pm 4/18/13 5:08pm

2014 Lamborghini Aventador LP720-4 50 Anniversario: Mega Gallery

Yesterday, we gave you the first photos of the of Lamborghini's first Anniversario Edition car, the Lamborghini Aventador LP720-4 debuting in Shanghai this weekend. Today, we show you more of this Giallo Maggio flame-throwing carbon fiber monster. » 4/18/13 9:56am 4/18/13 9:56am

2014 Mercedes-Benz GLA Concept: This Is It

Ahead of its Saturday debut at the Shanghai Auto Show, we present to you the 2014 Mercedes-Benz GLA Concept. If you were looking for a compact luxury crossover, this might be your ride! » 4/17/13 11:02am 4/17/13 11:02am

When booth babes attack

While the only fightin' action at the New York Auto Show was brief, loud and lame, two booth professionals at the Shanghai Auto Show threw down, sending one to a hospital. Even China's auto-show fights are more interesting. » 4/26/11 10:45am 4/26/11 10:45am

The booth professionals of the Shanghai Motor Show

What the Shanghai Motor Show lacked in relevant reveals, it more than made up for in gorgeous and tasteful Booth Professionals captured by a pair of photographers from the Associated Press and Getty who apparently have no qualms about shooting them from whatever angle they deem appropriate. » 4/22/11 3:00pm 4/22/11 3:00pm

Mercedes concept car breaks down on stage

Mercedes had everything they needed today for the debut of the Concept A-Class in Shanghai: Dr. Z, a crappy American rapper, a Chinese movie star, and a working car. Oh, wait, they were missing that last thing. » 4/19/11 12:30pm 4/19/11 12:30pm

The Subaru XV Concept is an Impreza on horse steroids

Subaru's unveiling the XV Concept crossover wagon at this months Shanghai Auto Show. Don't be confused by the name, this seemingly Impreza-based crossover isn't the same as the Impreza-based crossover also called the XV. The alphabet is so small... » 4/11/11 10:45am 4/11/11 10:45am