First Video Report From Russia's Air Base In Syria Shows Su-34s In Action

Russian news site RT has posted a video report showing Su-34 Fullbacks operating at Russia’s growing airbase located south of the Syrian port city of Latakia. As far as I know, this is the first photographic evidence showing Russia’s most potent strike fighter in Syria, although they were rumored to have arrived last… »10/02/15 8:55amFriday 8:55am

Hawaii Air Guard F-22s Deploy To The Middle East As Tensions With Russia Build

A gaggle of F-22A Raptors belonging to the 199th Fighter Squadron, which is part of the 154th Wing of the Hawaiian Air National Guard, deployed to the Middle East yesterday. This comes as tensions are hot between the U.S. and Russia over Syria and as the F-22 seems to be in demand around the globe. »10/01/15 8:20pmThursday 8:20pm

Russia Begins Bombing Operations In Syria As A Bigger Strategic Picture Emerges

It was just a matter of time before Russia’s new expeditionary pocket air force in Syria began its bombing operations. Over the last few weeks Russian drones have been flying missions out of Latakia Air Base looking for targets. Now the first Russian shots have been fired in what could be a very long battle to secure… »9/30/15 5:21pmWednesday 5:21pm

Why Is Egypt Buying Two Orphaned Mistral Class Aircraft Carriers From France?

The Russian-French Mistral Class helicopter carrier saga has been a long and rocky one. Originally the two amphibious assault ships were built for Russia, with many Russian combat systems installed, but France denied delivery after Russia seized Crimea a year and a half ago. Since then, many potential customers have… »9/23/15 5:02pm9/23/15 5:02pm

Su-25 Frogfoots And Su-24 Fencers Arrive At Russia's Burgeoning Syrian Base

New satellite imagery shows that Russia’s air combat power in Syria has exploded over the last 48 hours, with 12 Su-25 Frogtfoots adding to the four Su-30SM Flankers and about a dozen or so combat helicopters already stationed at Latakia Air Base in Syria. A dozen Russian Su-24 Fencers are also said to be on the… »9/21/15 9:16pm9/21/15 9:16pm

Perilous Puzzle: Su-30SM Fighter Jets Appear At Russia's Growing Base In Syria

The Syrian puzzle has officially become more complicated. As reported on Friday, fighter jets have arrived at Russia’s burgeoning airbase outpost south of the western port city of Latakia in Syria. New satellite images unveil exactly what type of fighters Russia has deployed: four advanced Su-30SM Flankers. »9/20/15 1:28pm9/20/15 1:28pm

Russian Fighter Jets Are In Syria, Air Force Boss Wants Raptor Base In Europe

It’s official, Russia has deployed tactical fixed-wing jets, supposedly Su-27s Flanker derivatives, along with attack helicopters, to Syria as part of its rapidly expanding outpost there. Meanwhile the chief of the U.S. Air Force in Europe wants a permanent F-22 presence in the region. »9/18/15 8:27pm9/18/15 8:27pm

No, Russia's Largest Ballistic Missile Submarine Isn't Prowling Off Syria's Coast

There have been rumors floating around that Russia’s only operational Typhoon Class ballistic missile carrying nuclear submarine, the largest submarine in the world, Dmitri Donskoy, was deployed to the Mediterranean, or more specifically, to sit off the coast of Syria. Here’s why that’s highly unlikely. »9/16/15 1:24pm9/16/15 1:24pm

Ukraine's Twilight War Zone, Part Two: Bodies on the Front Line

“What is the value of my life? You in America only care about death if it involves your allies?” a young pro-Russian soldier at a funeral for a fallen comrade plead his case. He smelled of tobacco, gunpowder and booze. Tears streaked his face. His uniform: mismatched camo pants and shirt.
»8/24/15 11:30am8/24/15 11:30am

Watch Typhoons Intercept A Russian Intel Plane From Inside The Cockpit

This video shows what it looks like to intercept a Russian IL-20M electronic intelligence collection aircraft, high over the Baltic Sea. The Royal Air Force Typhoons that were scrambled on August 17th to intercept the aircraft were launched out of Estonia as part of NATO’s rotating air defense mission in the Baltics.… »8/21/15 10:01am8/21/15 10:01am

Russia's New Fighter Uses Long-Range Weapons To Overcome Its Weaknesses 

Russia’s fledgling Sukhoi T-50 fighter, also known as the PAK-FA, continues to waddle through development even though the demand for the aircraft may turn out to be less than stellar. Nonetheless, Sukhoi hopes to integrate a wide array of weapons onto their new jet, including everything from supersonic cruise missiles… »8/20/15 9:04pm8/20/15 9:04pm

Russia Is Livestreaming The World Championship Tank Biathlon Finals

Tanks! They’re big, mean, ugly, and loud, and their crews are highly competitive. Russia is hosting the World Championship Tank Biathalon right now, and the finals mean that the best of the whole group are competing for the title of Best Tank Biathelete (I think). But the winner gets a tank! A real tank! »8/15/15 11:59am8/15/15 11:59am

Pentagon Unsure If It Could Beat Russia In A Conventional Conflict 

The Daily Beast reports that a series of classified war gaming exercises ran by the Defense Department have clearly shown that the U.S. is ill-prepared for a sustained military engagement with Russia. Such a situation is not that hard to believe as our forces have been mired in counter-terror and counter-insurgency… »8/14/15 7:41pm8/14/15 7:41pm