Russian Soldiers Go Native For Arctic Ops Using Reindeer And Dogsleds 

Russia has big designs on the Arctic. Its forces have been very active in the inhospitable region over the last few years, showing off their high-tech gear and ability to deploy rapidly to the harsh environment. Now it appears they are also preparing to operate on the other end of the spectrum, taking up local nomadic…

Turkey Claims Yet Another Russian Jet Invaded Its Airspace

Turkey claims that one of Russia’s most advanced fighter-bombers, an Su-34 Fullback, entered into Turkish airspace at 11:46 a.m. local time on Friday. The event occurred after Turkey broadcasted multiple warnings for the jet to turn away. Russia says the incursion never happened, and that it is just “baseless…

That 'Trump Jet' You Saw 'Shooting Down Fox News' Is A Russian Su-27

This junior varsity photoshop of a “Trump fighter jet” shooting down a “Fox News passenger plane” picked up speed in today’s social media churn. Supporters sharing this seem to be ready for an America that uses Russian war machines to kill newspeople Something something free trade, I guess?

Russia’s Questionable Attempt To Break A Siege On This Syrian City With Backfire Bomber Strikes

Russia continues to use heavy bombers to fight anti-Assad regime insurgents and ISIS fighters in Syria. Today, the government posted this video of the imposing Tu-22M flying thousands of miles to drop the same 250 kg dumb bombs that their aircraft based in Syria may have dropped. Their target was supposedly Assad’s…

Russian Pastafarian Must Wear Pasta Strainer On His Head While Driving Or His License Will Be Revoked

I guess this is a pretty good example of what you’d call a Pyrrhic victory; sure, you won, but at what cost? Here, the victor is Moscow-based Flying Spaghetti Monster adherent Andrey Filin, and the victory was the right to wear a knitted colander in his driver’s license photo. The Pyrrhic part is this: if he’s stopped…

Russia's Buildup Of S-400 Missile Batteries In Kaliningrad Is Freaking Out NATO

The same air defense system that has seemingly kept coalition fighters out of western Syria is now being installed in the heart of Europe, at Russia’s Baltic Sea enclave of Kaliningrad. Russia’s setting up surface-to-air missile systems in their territory is nothing new, but the S-400's long-range and effectiveness is.

These Pictures Of Russian Frogmen In Action Are Straight Out Of An '80s Chuck Norris Movie

The Russian Ministry of Defense has released as series of pictures depicting a counter-sabotage “exercise” where terrorist frogmen attack one of their North Fleet submarines’ support infrastructure. Some of which are right out of your favorite over-the-top ‘80s action movie.

60 Minutes Depicts Russia's Air Campaign In Syria As Propaganda-Filled And Stalling

A 60 Minutes segment uploaded yesterday claims that Russia’s air campaign in Syria is really a propaganda fueled, dumb-bomb slinging adventure that has had questionable results, with goals that reach well beyond Syria itself — the same conclusions that Foxtrot Alpha has made for quite some time now.


Coalition Jets Will Do Seemingly Anything To Stay Away From Russia In Western Syria

More telling evidence that the airspace over Syria remains a conflicted and dangerous mess emerged this week in the form of a video of French Rafales carrying SCALP EG cruise missiles for strikes. And make no mistake – it’s a mess seemingly dictated by Russian action and coalition reaction.

This Telling Graphic Compares Russia's Navy At The End Of The Cold War To Today 

When it comes to news, anything related to the Russian military is hot right now—there are even many headlines claiming how the U.S. should fear the Russian Navy. These pieces often take “brochure” capabilities as fact without looking at the bigger picture. This infographic gives us an idea of just how tiny the…

Russian Destroyer Fires Shots At Turkish Ship While Transiting The Aegean Sea

Russia fired shots at a Turkish fishing vessel in the Aegean Sea today, and the Kremlin claims the rounds were fired because the vessel was on a “collision course” with the Kashin class destroyer Smetlivy that was sailing through the area. The fishing vessel turned away at about 1,800 feet after the shots were fired,…

Russia Launches Cruise Missiles At Syria From Submarine In The Mediterranean 

The Russian improved Kilo Class diesel electric submarine Rostov-on-Don (B-237) launched cruise missiles at targets in Syria today, from a submerged position in the eastern Mediterranean. This is the first time a Russian submarine has struck targets in Syrua since Russia began its aerial offensive around October and…