Russia's Huge "Robot" Firefighting Tank Is Being Put Into Army Service

Russia’s innovative “Special Firefighting Vehicle” is being thrust into operation with the Russian Army. It will supposedly go where no fire truck or human can and will be assigned missions including everything from search and rescue, to putting out fires at weapons depots, to creating fire-lines for forest fire… » 5/26/15 9:23am Tuesday 9:23am

US Sending B-52s To Sweden As Russian Bombers Skirt Swedish Airspace

America is in tit-for-tat military escalations on two fronts: China in the east and Russia in the west. On Thursday, Russian bombers flew directly towards the Swedish coastline, abruptly turning away at the last moment. This came as it was announced the US will be flying B-52s to Sweden for a major exercise. » 5/23/15 2:51pm Saturday 2:51pm

Watch Russia's Deadliest Weapon Pretend It's On A Lazy River Ride

Russia’s new RS-24 “Yars” intercontinental ballistic missile, which entered service in 2010, is one of the most destructive weapons mankind has ever produced. Here it can be seen being leisurely ferried across a river on a barge, as if it’s just going for a calm ride on the lazy river. » 5/20/15 12:04pm 5/20/15 12:04pm

SA-11 "Buk" Missile System Catches Fire During Victory Day Parade

As Victory Day celebrations swept across Russia yesterday, in the city of Chita a SA-11 “Buk” surface-to-air missile system caught fire while parading through the city’s streets. Not exactly an ideal scenario in a tight urban area surrounded by other vehicles, people, and uh... possibly live missiles. » 5/10/15 10:28am 5/10/15 10:28am

Huge Military Display In Moscow For The 70th Anniversary Of Victory Day

Some 200 military ground vehicles, 140 aircraft and 16,500 troops participated in the 70th anniversary of Victory Day parade held in Moscow’s Red Square today. Highlights included Russia’s new “Armata” family of armor and China’s President Xi Jinping standing alongside Putin for the whole affair. » 5/09/15 12:13pm 5/09/15 12:13pm

Russia's Brand New Tank Just Broke Down In The Middle Of Moscow

The T-14 Main Battle Tank is supposed to be a semi-robotic weapon of the future, a serious threat to any of Russia’s enemies who face it. Unfortunately for the Russian military, one just broke down in the middle of Moscow while rehearsing for an upcoming Victory Day parade. And the video is just sad.
» 5/07/15 4:15pm 5/07/15 4:15pm

How The New Cold War Is Improving Your Navigation

Ever contemplated going to war with America, but been thwarted when the Great Satan switched off your access to its navigation satellites? That’s potentially a real problem for China and Russia, but the real victor in this navigational arms race might be you; it’s improving the quality of location data on your phone… » 4/29/15 7:12pm 4/29/15 7:12pm

Finnish Navy Drops Depth Charges Near Foreign Submarine Off Helsinki

In an incident that is highly reminiscent of Sweden’s phantom sub hunt last fall, the Finnish Navy has detected a foreign sub in its littoral waters near Helsinki, and it is not playing nice trying to get rid of it. Depth charges have been dropped to let the sub’s crew know that the people on the surface are on to… » 4/28/15 3:55pm 4/28/15 3:55pm

Russian Troops Have Close Call With Missile, Giggles & Cheers Ensue

These onlooking Russian soldiers got much more than they bargained for when this S-300 surface-to-air missile battery fired off a dud round. It is not clear if the missile’s motor ended up firing at the very last second or if it fell back to the ground, but it’s amazing just how well everyone took the terrifying… » 4/19/15 11:20am 4/19/15 11:20am

Russia Straps A Jet Engine To A Tractor To Clean Carrier Decks

Foreign Object Debris (or FOD) is a huge problem on aircraft carriers. A metallic button from a shirt or a single nut could destroy a million dollar engine and endanger the lives of an aircrew. America's solution? FOD walks and sweeper carts. Russia’s solution? Taking an old MiG-15's jet engine, slapping on a planar… » 4/15/15 8:30pm 4/15/15 8:30pm

The US Just Held Long-Range Bomber Drills Over An Area Russia Wants

Two pairs of B-52H Stratofortress bombers, from Barksdale AFB and from Minot AFB, streaked north last week on a long-range exercise dubbed “Polar Growl.” One set of bombers would end up over the far reaches of the North Sea, while the other would cruise high above the Polar Icecap, both areas where Putin's Russia is… » 4/07/15 4:42pm 4/07/15 4:42pm

Russia Just Proved It's All Talk With Its Space Station Threats

It hasn’t even been a year since Russia threatened to take their ISS toys and go home, but now they seem strangely delighted by a space station-invitation from NASA that NASA doesn’t recall ever making. Why would they be so wildly eager to work with us on a new station if they were just talking about breaking up? » 4/02/15 6:55pm 4/02/15 6:55pm