Ukraine's Twilight War Zone, Part Two: Bodies on the Front Line

“What is the value of my life? You in America only care about death if it involves your allies?” a young pro-Russian soldier at a funeral for a fallen comrade plead his case. He smelled of tobacco, gunpowder and booze. Tears streaked his face. His uniform: mismatched camo pants and shirt.
» 8/24/15 11:30am Monday 11:30am

Watch Typhoons Intercept A Russian Intel Plane From Inside The Cockpit

This video shows what it looks like to intercept a Russian IL-20M electronic intelligence collection aircraft, high over the Baltic Sea. The Royal Air Force Typhoons that were scrambled on August 17th to intercept the aircraft were launched out of Estonia as part of NATO’s rotating air defense mission in the Baltics.… » 8/21/15 10:01am 8/21/15 10:01am

Russia's New Fighter Uses Long-Range Weapons To Overcome Its Weaknesses 

Russia’s fledgling Sukhoi T-50 fighter, also known as the PAK-FA, continues to waddle through development even though the demand for the aircraft may turn out to be less than stellar. Nonetheless, Sukhoi hopes to integrate a wide array of weapons onto their new jet, including everything from supersonic cruise missiles… » 8/20/15 9:04pm 8/20/15 9:04pm

Putin Dives Deeper Into Bond Villain Territory, Explores Black Sea In Sub

A Byzantine shipwreck from roughly 1,000 years ago was discovered on the floor of the Black Sea in May, which was apparently so fascinating to Russian President Vladimir Putin that he decided to check it out for himself. (You can do stuff like that when you’re Putin.) » 8/19/15 3:54pm 8/19/15 3:54pm

Russia Is Livestreaming The World Championship Tank Biathlon Finals

Tanks! They’re big, mean, ugly, and loud, and their crews are highly competitive. Russia is hosting the World Championship Tank Biathalon right now, and the finals mean that the best of the whole group are competing for the title of Best Tank Biathelete (I think). But the winner gets a tank! A real tank! » 8/15/15 11:59am 8/15/15 11:59am

Pentagon Unsure If It Could Beat Russia In A Conventional Conflict 

The Daily Beast reports that a series of classified war gaming exercises ran by the Defense Department have clearly shown that the U.S. is ill-prepared for a sustained military engagement with Russia. Such a situation is not that hard to believe as our forces have been mired in counter-terror and counter-insurgency… » 8/14/15 7:41pm 8/14/15 7:41pm

A Mi-28 Spun Out And Crashed During A Russian Air Show

An Mi-28N “Havoc” attack helicopter from Russia’s Golden Eagles aerobatic display team lost control during one of the team’s signature maneuvers and came spinning to the ground. Amazingly, one of the helicopter’s two crewman escaped the wreckage largely unscathed, while the other was killed. » 8/02/15 4:21pm 8/02/15 4:21pm

This Is What U.S.-Russian Relations Could Have Been

This amazing photo shows fighting machines that were built as enemies, the B-52 Stratofortress and the Tu-95 Bear, along with the later Cold War era KC-10 Extender and An-124 Condor, all sitting together peacefully on the same ramp. Clearly it was shot at a time when both sides were trying to make the best of the… » 8/02/15 9:25am 8/02/15 9:25am

An Iron Block From The Soviet Bloc

This imposing four-door convertible was the official parade car of Nikita Khrushchev during the final years of his regime. Premier of the USSR from 1958 through 1964, Khrushchev had two of these cars built to order, one of which he gave as to the Russian Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, the first human to travel in space. Upon… » 7/29/15 3:42pm 7/29/15 3:42pm

Watch A Russian Navy Missile Explode Like That American One Last Week

An American missile exploded just after launch from the USS The Sullivans last week, simultaneously making you feel better at work for your own screwups and providing a spectacular photo. Not to be outdone, the Russian Navy suffered a similar mishap this weekend, and this time, there’s video. » 7/27/15 12:49pm 7/27/15 12:49pm

Russia Can't Afford To Buy Its New Super Weapons

Russia may be coming to the realization that developing a high-tech weapon system is not the same as fielding it en masse, or even in relatively limited numbers. This appears to be the case for both the T-14 “Armata” tank, the T-50 5th generation fighter, and signs are possibly the PAK-DA next generation bomber.… » 7/17/15 11:59am 7/17/15 11:59am

Zil's Crazy 'Punisher' Armored Vehicles Spotted On The Streets Of Russia

It looks like a heavily armored (possibly production) variant of Zil’s wild armored car may have made it into operational service with Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB). The video below, posted in June, shows the futuristic armored truck roaming Russian roads with other jet black armored vehicles normally… » 7/08/15 1:29pm 7/08/15 1:29pm

What People Do With Old Cars In Russia Is Nothing Short Of Evil Genius

If you’ve got a nice, fancy Mercedes-Benz SUV, you’ve got to save two parking spots for it. I mean, you just HAVE TO, obviously. And what better way to do that then to make sure you’ve always got a spare crappy beater around, primed and ready to go to take up two spots once you’ve driven off? » 6/23/15 9:35pm 6/23/15 9:35pm

2015 Ural Sidecar Review: WWII Soviet Tech On (And Off) The Road Today

A sidecar isn’t like any other vehicle. The design dates back to pre-WWII technology sharing between the Nazis and Soviet Union and the bikes are still made in the same factory that was located out of bomber range way out on the Siberian steppe. This is what they’re like to ride today. » 6/23/15 4:39pm 6/23/15 4:39pm

BALTOPS May Have Ended But Tensions Around The Baltic Sea Have Not

The USS Vicksburg, many of the ships seen here, and an expanded flotilla of allied ships from the region took part in BALTOPS ‘15, which ended on Saturday. The elaborate exercise, which reinforced strong NATO and allied bonds, has led to increased tensions with Russia as historically neutral parties in the region may… » 6/21/15 2:15pm 6/21/15 2:15pm