Ford Wants Nothing To Do With Crack-Smoking Mayor Rob Ford

Ford is a common last name, but it's an unfortunate name to have when you're trying to sell good cars and there's crack-buying mayor Rob Ford stealing all of the headlines. So Ford Motor Company is wasting no time in preventing their iconic images being associated with the embattled Toronto official. » 11/13/13 4:28pm 11/13/13 4:28pm

Rob Ford Finally Getting A Driver Because Holy Crap He Didn't Already?

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, a man world renowned for his prodigious drinking and crack-smoking, is also less-renowned for being one of the few big city mayors to drive himself around. This, despite the world-renowned ability for drugs and alcohol to destroy your ability to drive. Finally, that's going to change. » 11/10/13 3:46pm 11/10/13 3:46pm

The Rob Ford Crack Tape Is Real, and the Police Have It

"The Toronto Police service is now in possession of a video digital file" with "images consistent with those reported in the press," Chief Bill Blair just said at a news conference being streamed here. In other words: The cops have the Rob Ford crack tape. Blair says he's "disappointed." » 10/31/13 12:00pm 10/31/13 12:00pm