Jean-Claude Van Damme's Split Between Two Moving Trucks Is No CGI

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What happens when you ask Belgium's third most important export product (after ale and chocolate) to stand on the mirrors of two moving trucks and then turn the wheels a bit? Well, Van Damme does what he does best, for real.

As you probably know, Volvo Trucks has been busy lately. To show us how good the new FL series really is, they hauled their president sky high above the water and buried one of their technicians in the desert.


They also drove across a medieval town in Spain while being chased by angry bulls, and let a very smart hamster drive their truck on the edge of a cliff. So could say they believe in the product.


To demonstrate the stability and precision of Volvo's Dynamic Steering, they got Andreas Nilsson to direct their latest video titled the Epic Split, starring Jean-Claude Van Damme, the god of head-kicking splits, who looks fitter at the age of 53 than most people at 35. It must be the waffles...

Plus point goes to Sweden for Enya. Living on this planet just got a tiny bit better.