Oh, Rob Ford. What are we going to do with you? Apparently nothing, since you aren't leaving office even though you admitted you smoke crack and, as of this morning, also drink and drive sometimes. The hits keep a-comin'!


At a news conference this morning where Ford addressed some allegations related to his culinary habits, the embattled Toronto mayor cleared a few things up, according to this Toronto Star report.

Rob Ford says he didn’t party with a prostitute, he didn’t snort cocaine, he didn’t take OxyContin and he plans on suing former staffers who told police he did.

But, “I might have had some drinks and driven which is absolutely wrong,” Toronto’s embattled mayor conceded in an impromptu scrum outside his office Thursday morning.


Emphasis mine. And is rugby scrums how you guys do press conferences in Canada? Weird.

Anyway, it won't be that big a deal anymore because Ford has a driver, finally. Now he can do whatever it is he does to his heart's content without putting the rest of Toronto at risk on the roads.


Don't smoke crack. And seriously, don't drink and drive.

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