Alleged Crack-Smoking Toronto Mayor Also Sticks Fridge Magnets On Cars

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Rob Ford, the wacky, racially insensitive Toronto mayor who's feeling the heat today after Gawker reported (and other news outlets have corroborated) that there exists a video of him smoking crack cocaine, is also embroiled in another Canadian scandal involving cars and fridge magnets.


Just this week, Ford bolted from a highly contentious community meeting to wander around a parking lot and plaster "Rob Ford for Mayor" fridge magnets featuring his home phone number on the cars parked there, the Toronto Star reported. A Star reporter confronted him about this act, which led to this bizarre and delightful exchange:

When a reporter told Ford that some people might find his behaviour strange, he retorted that some people find the reporter strange. Magnets in hand, he made no further comment.

[...] The mayor slowed down only twice — once to calmly address the reporters who followed him, once to shout urgently to aide David Price for more magnets, his arms outstretched.


Price, who is both Ford's director of operations and logistics and his high school football coach, was also found putting magnets on cars before the meeting started.

It seems like strange but harmless fun, except that Ford is now under investigation after a citizen raised the point that putting magnets on the cars violates a city bylaw that prevents "depositing handbills onto vehicles." He could face a fine of $100 to $150.


Something tells me he might have bigger things to worry about today.

Photo credit AP