Texting While Driving Can Get You Seriously Hurt (In Mario Kart)

By now we should all be on board with the idea that texting while driving is a particularly dangerous and irresponsible thing. But how does it affect one's driving within Mario Kart? A physician and some elementary schoolers found it significantly increases the risk of driving backwards, among other hazards. » 2/03/14 11:09am 2/03/14 11:09am

Overhead Cams Replace Bored Humans in Honda's Driverless Valet System

If worrying about your vehicle and personal possessions has always made you hesitant about using valet parking, Honda will alleviate your fears with a new system that replaces clumsy valet drivers with overhead tracking cameras and software smart enough to juggle an entire lot full of cars. » 10/21/13 9:12am 10/21/13 9:12am

This Heads Up Display Lets You See Through the Truck in Front of You

Is there anything more terrifying than attempting to pass a slow-moving truck on a two-lane road when you're really not sure what's waiting for you up ahead? Researchers at the University of Porto in Portugal don't think so; they've come up with a clever system that could allow drivers of smaller vehicles to see right… » 10/18/13 11:45am 10/18/13 11:45am

This Traffic Camera Spots Heavy Polluters, Not Speeders

When you spot someone on the side of the road with a camera your normal instinct is to slow down to avoid a speeding ticket. But this fancy new camera developed by researchers at Spain's Universidad Carlos III de Madrid doesn't care how fast you're driving. It's instead designed to spot how much pollution is spewing… » 9/18/13 3:15pm 9/18/13 3:15pm

A Shock-Absorbing Airless Tire That Will Never Go Flat

Inspired by Bridgestone's puncture-proof tires, and Michelin's Tweel, Hankook has decided that it wants to get into the next-generation tire market with its own i-Flex. Like the previous creations from its competitors, Hankook's tire trades an air-filled bladder that's prone to leaks and punctures for an engineered… » 9/10/13 4:09pm 9/10/13 4:09pm

Ford's New Prototyping Machine Turns Sheet Metal Into Custom Parts

A modern assembly line can churn out a new vehicle every few minutes, but when carmakers want to build and test a prototype, it takes weeks to produce the dies and moulds needed to stamp out a custom one-off part. So Ford has developed a fantastic new prototyping machine that functions kind of like a 3D printer in… » 7/03/13 3:34pm 7/03/13 3:34pm

Volvo's Awesome New Autonomous Self-Parking Car Is Pure Magic

Realizing that cars that automatically parallel park themselves are old news, Volvo has taken the concept one step—actually several miles—further with a new concept vehicle that can actually find an empty spot and park itself in a lot. You just abandon your car at the entrance of a parking lot, and like a valet you… » 6/20/13 1:49pm 6/20/13 1:49pm

Backing Up Is A Lot Easier When Your Car's Back Seat Is Invisible

The last time Keio University was in the news it was for a prototype wearable cloaking device developed by a team of researchers at the school. A decade later you still can't go out and buy one, but the research has inspired another brilliant use for the technology—invisible car interiors that let you see everything… » 10/04/12 2:40pm 10/04/12 2:40pm

Pretty Soon, Brake Lights May Get A Whole Lot Smarter

The problem of brake lights not distinguishing between gingerly slowing down and rapidly stopping is now being addressed. Researchers at Virginia Tech University are developing smart brake lights. The intelligent braking lights will have a series of LEDs that will distinguish when someone is easing off the speed or… » 3/27/08 4:00pm 3/27/08 4:00pm

Nissan Engineers Simulate Elderly Experience With Old People Suit

If you want senior citizens to blow their social security checks on your car you better make it worth their while (or get Sam Waterson to do your commercials). That's why Nissan engineering are using this special suit to put themselves in the back-supporting loafers of the elderly. The hope is that they can design cars … » 2/26/08 2:15pm 2/26/08 2:15pm

Carbon-Capturing Car To Eliminate Emissions, Maybe

Rather than focusing vehicle-development and alternative-energy resources on finding different kinds of fuel, students and researchers at Georgia Tech are taking a couple steps back and looking at the emissions problem. The project currently being worked on involves a car that still operates on standard liquid fuels,… » 2/15/08 2:45pm 2/15/08 2:45pm

CarTorrent Establishes Car-to-Car BFFs

That H3 Hummer hugging your driver-side door on the freeway may intimidate you, but a new project by researchers at UCLA would at least allow the two of you to break the ice. Called "CarTorrent," the system is themed after the popular online peer-to-peer downloading protocol BitTorrent, which allows computers to connect … » 1/22/08 8:00am 1/22/08 8:00am

Toyota Looks to the Noggin, Video Games for Future Automotive…

In two completely unrelated, yet similar plans, Toyota has hired some of the top brainiacs in the world. You would expect these brainiacs to dive deep into the mind of Toyota's best to figure out why the hell anyone would want a violin-playing robot. Instead, they'll be involved in two diametrically opposite but… » 12/19/07 9:15am 12/19/07 9:15am