What Would You Do With the Turbocharged Ecotec?

One thing we admire about General Motors is that when they do do something right, they do it so right that conversations cease. I'm sure you've all been here before, "Yeah, well, the Porsche Blah Blah Blah does 0-60 in blah and goes around some track in Germany in blah and has this crazy hyper-tech thingy that does… » 10/30/07 12:15pm 10/30/07 12:15pm

That'll Buff Right Out: Redline Porsche Carrera GT for Sale on eBay

Say what you will about, "Redline," Daniel Sadek's vehicle for his vehicles and for his former fiancee, Nadia Bjorlin, but it sure created a helluva market for carbon fiber replacement parts. Notwithstanding the Ferrari Enzo ended by actor Eddir Griffin, two of Sadek's Porsche Carrera GTs were damaged during filming,… » 4/25/07 11:54am 4/25/07 11:54am

Jalopnik Morning Mourning: Pics of the Dead Redline Enzo

Let me first dispel a few myths. Most important, the car actor Eddie Griffin crashed into a wall, and that is now garishly on display in front of the Grauman Chinese Theater in Los Angeles, is indeed 100% Ferrari Enzo Ferrari. There is no doubt. I touched it. I smelled it. I took about 75 pictures of the poor… » 4/11/07 9:30am 4/11/07 9:30am

Wrecked 'Redline' Enzo to Make Chinese Theatre Appearance

Apparently unafraid of displaying wrecked exotics to garner notoriety for their film, Redline's promotions types will be holding a vigil for the Enzo cracked up by Eddie Griffin in the days leading up to the premiere of the flick at Grauman's Chinese Theatre. The car goes on display today. The premiere is… » 4/10/07 10:45pm 4/10/07 10:45pm

Exclusive! The 2008 Saturn Vue Greenline (Hybrid) And Redline (Not So Much) Live And In The Sheet Metal

We're not afraid to admit at least one of us (that would be me) really digs the new styling of the Saturn Vue. True, it's vaguely jellybean-esque, but it's still so much more appealing to the eyes than the boxy Rubbermaid exterior of the last one, it's hard not to be rooting for the little CUV. We dunno how either… » 2/07/07 12:15pm 2/07/07 12:15pm

Chicago Auto Show: 2008 Saturn Vue Red Line, Green Line

Saturn's set to launch its latest Vue Red Line and Green Line Hybrid models at the Chicago show. Naturally, the Red Line is the tricked version, with the lowered suspension, 18-inch alloys and DOHC 3.6-liter V6 VVT engine producing 250 hp at 6,500 rpm and 243 lb.-ft. of torque at 4,400 rpm. The Green Line Hybrid… » 2/06/07 7:28am 2/06/07 7:28am