Wrecked 'Redline' Enzo to Make Chinese Theatre Appearance

Apparently unafraid of displaying wrecked exotics to garner notoriety for their film, Redline's promotions types will be holding a vigil for the Enzo cracked up by Eddie Griffin in the days leading up to the premiere of the flick at Grauman's Chinese Theatre. The car goes on display today. The premiere is Thursday. We kind of barely care, but if you're in the area, feel free to stop by wearing your "Save the Enzos" shirts.


Wrecked Ferrari a Premiere Piece [SFGate]

Another Enzo Bites The Dust, This Time With Eddie Griffin At The Wheel [Internal]


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petejayhawk thinks jim spanfeller is a herb

@jonnylieberman: re: Ninja-style data recovery: Nice.

So...the verdict is "not a fake", right? I can buy that...but doesn't it still seem weird that they were parading that happy accident all over the goddamn place?