Dodge has taken the Charger R/T and, to use a verb coined by Mopar CEO Pietro Gorlier, "Moparized" the hell out of it. The result of this brutal Moparization is, in its most-Moparized form, a 590 hp monster that's not street-legal.

There are, of course, two lesser Stage variants you can drive home, Stage I being a bunch of carbon fiber exterior and interior body kit parts, and Stage II actually including some real performance enhancements, including a cat-back exhaust system upgrade to free up some more angry ponies and make a more intimidating rumble at stoplights. To help guide the extra oomph, a front strut tower brace is fitted, as well as high-performance brake linings.

The real fun begins in Stage III, which results in a Charger that makes 220hp more than the R/T version for a total of 590 hp. To get there, Chrysler shoves in a new aluminum version of its 426 Hemi, shaving the weight of at least three toddlers (~100 lbs) from the cast-iron lump. It's worth noting that in Chrysler's press release, they describe this engine as "professionally built," eliminating any residual worry that your new high-output V8 was being built by a group of eager amateurs. This is the one you'll want a really big driveway or yard for, as it's not street legal, intended for track or "off-road" use.

Look-wise, the body modifications do make for a more aggressive-looking machine. There's a carbon-fiber chin spoiler, decklid spoiler, and a new body-colored grille surround with a black crosshair insert. The look is rounded out with a matte black roof decal and a pair of fake carbon-fiber door scoops that, if they weren't fake, could only serve to extract heat away from the driver's legs and crotch.

Exciting stuff, but one can only assume there's a Stage IV upgrade in the works, that includes everything in Stage III, plus a series of testosterone injections right into the buyer's testicles (or possibly ovaries, however unlikely).


Enjoy the photos of the engine, the only part of the car noticeably different.