India's New Crew Cab Pickup Truck Costs $3,638 And Fits Anywhere

India’s a vast country, but with a population over 1 billion humans their cities still don’t have space for the kind of gargantuan pickup trucks we get to drive here in America. So Polaris and Eicher Motors have combined forced to build the Multix for Indians to do the same things we do with F-150s. » 6/19/15 2:34pm 6/19/15 2:34pm

​Polaris Stops Slingshot Sales To Fix Steering And Roll Hoops

The launch of the Polaris Slingshot hasn't gone exactly well. Beyond the legal hurdles of calling a trike a motorcycle and expecting DMVs across the country to be cool with that, Polaris is now issuing a stop sale and "stop ride" because the steering might fail and the roll hoops aren't up to spec. Nice. » 1/16/15 9:15pm 1/16/15 9:15pm

The First Airless-Tire Vehicle You Can Own Is a Wicked ATV

Airless—or non-pneumatic tires—have popped up from time to time over the past few years, and while they offer many advantages over traditional air-filled tires, they haven't been available outside of research labs—until now. Polaris is officially the first company to offer a vehicle with non-pneumatic tires on its… » 11/18/13 11:35am 11/18/13 11:35am

Behold the Polaris, a Rear-Engined Pontiac!!

Er, we mean a re-badged Corvair. Still though, as nifty as the Corvair was, it would have worked much better as a Pontiac. After all, what builds more excitement than flipping over? Oh we know, we know. Mean old Ralph Nader said nasty things about the poor little Corvair. And he wasn't alone. Here's what a Pontiac… » 4/24/07 4:30pm 4/24/07 4:30pm