First of all, nobody said RJ had to go so hard fresh out of the gate. The video kicks off at the familiar Hoonigan Donut Garage, where we’ve seen so many projects and jumps fail spectacularly. After a few tandem skids with the world-famous Shart Kart, RJ takes it out into the streets and immediately hucks his RZR up and over a highway at seventy miles an hour. I was just blown away by that from the start.

You’d think keeping that level of energy across the whole video would be difficult, but they somehow managed to keep everything cranked up for the full jam. There are cameos from familiar Hoonigan project cars like the scumbug, Brian’s RWB, and a couple drift machines. There are also visits from local shops and clubs, like the Plato o Plomo lowrider group.


You’re going to want to carve out a few minutes of your day and pull this up on the big screen, because it’s a beautifully-shot and produced piece of short media. I would have liked a 20-minute epic, but this was totally fun and just left me wanting so much more. But if anyone asked me to jump a Polaris over a highway I would politely decline.