Watch Hyde, and call in to him, on C-Span Saturday morning

It's been a while since we've trotted out the Official Car Pundit Drinking Game, and what better time to revive that grand old tradition then at 8:30 a.m. this Saturday? That's when I'll join the gracious folks at C-SPAN and whomever wants to call in to talk about cars, Washington and SUVs at fuel-efficiency press… » 6/03/11 5:30pm 6/03/11 5:30pm

Official Car Pundit Drinking Game: Watching Wert Will Void Your…

Wert will be on CNBC at 11:05 AM EST discussing the restructuring plan, Rick Wagoner, and screaming KUDLOW!!! at the top of his voice for this Monday morning Official Car Pundit Drinking Game. » 3/30/09 8:30am 3/30/09 8:30am

Official Car Pundit Drinking Game: Dancing With The Czars

They call him Mr. Wert and he'll be on CNBC at 11:03 am today to discuss the Carpocalypse and possible choices for the next Car Czar. Did someone say Iacocca? Everybody's got a brand new name now, I know you like it, give it a chance now, c'mon baby do the Iacocca with me! » 12/10/08 10:20am 12/10/08 10:20am

Official Car Pundit Drinking Game: Wert Goes British!

Apparently folks across the pond are as enamored with our fearless leader as we are. The BBC's asked him to get in front of the camera for the second time today. Watch him tonight at 7PM EST on BBC America. He'll be talking about what everyone else is talking about — the not-so-Big Three's homework from Congress. For… » 12/02/08 6:45pm 12/02/08 6:45pm