North Korea's Ongoing Massive Submarine Deployment Is Worrisome 

After what was seemingly a three week march toward war between North and South Korea, which ended in an agreement followed by handshakes, smiles and supposedly a draw-down in both sides war-time footing, one question still remains — where is the majority of North Korea’s submarine fleet? »8/26/15 8:59pm8/26/15 8:59pm


Deal Reached To De-Escalate Volatile Situation On The Korean Peninsula

After three weeks of tit for tat action and reaction, a mega-dose of saber rattling, a North Korean deadline to war and three days of emergency high-level negotiations in an abandoned town near the DMZ, the North and South have come to an agreement that will supposedly deescalate the blazing military and political… »8/24/15 3:17pm8/24/15 3:17pm

North Korea: Turn Off Loudspeakers By 5 P.M. Tomorrow Or Face Military Action

Tensions are extremely high on the Korean Peninsula after the North and the South exchanged artillery fire yesterday. This came as at the top of a crescendo of destabilizing events occurring over the last three weeks, one of which saw South Korea blaring propaganda across the DMZ into North Korea border towns via huge… »8/21/15 3:23pm8/21/15 3:23pm

North And South Korea Exchange Artillery Fire Along DMZ

There has been an exchange of artillery fire between North and South Korea today along the Demilitarized Zone. A North Korean rocket landed in western province of Gyeonggi, which resulted in a retaliatory barrage of a few dozen South Korean artillery shells. Currently, South Korea is on high alert for another North… »8/20/15 10:13am8/20/15 10:13am

Apparently In North Korea Ejection Seat Doilies Are All The Rage

In some screen grabs obtained by of footage aired on North Korean state television of their Su-25 and MiG-29 pilots in action, it is clear that lace and red velvet headrest covers on ejection seats are “in” this season in Best Korea. Also notable in these photos are what appears to be some pretty… »8/05/15 2:32pm8/05/15 2:32pm

North Korea Opens Grisly New Museum To Mark Their Korean War 'Victory'

North Korea opened the reconstructed Sinchon Museum yesterday with a huge ceremony marking the 62nd anniversary of the “Korean people’s victory in the Fatherland Liberation War.” Or as we call it, the Korean War. The museum is more a showcase of North Korean propaganda around the so-called Sinchon Massacre than it is… »7/27/15 5:33pm7/27/15 5:33pm

'Look At My Fancy New Airport Terminal,' Says Noted Despot Kim Jong Un

Pyongyang, capital city of Best Korea, will soon be showing a fresh face to the world with a fancy new airport terminal. Set to open on July 1st, the new Terminal 2 is said to feature a new high speed rail link and motorway to central Pyongyang, as per the exacting specifications of Supreme Leader and famed … »6/26/15 7:30pm6/26/15 7:30pm

Kim Jong Un's N. Korea Prefers Mass Executions By Anti-Aircraft Cannons

North Korea has been executing its political prisoners and unwanted elite by firing squad for decades. But a shot to the heart apparently isn’t brutal enough for Kim Jong Un, who’s reportedly using anti-aircraft cannons to kill dissidents, according to at least one watchdog group. »5/01/15 7:45pm5/01/15 7:45pm

See Inside Kim Jong Un's Remodeled Air Force One

Kim Jong Un took to the skies in his remodeled Cold War era IL-62M to see a high-rise construction site located along the the Taedong River in Pyongyang. One of the North Korean Air Force's two known IL-62Ms appeared last year after having received new paint, although the mechanical reliability of the old jet has been… »2/15/15 6:05pm2/15/15 6:05pm

Here's Kim Jong Un Pretending To Fly A Plane For Some Reason

We know that the boy ruler of the Hermit Kingdom has an affinity towards aviation, as pictures of him as a child in cockpits have surfaced and he is constantly giving 'field guidance' to fighter squadrons. But now, he has taken triumphantly to the skies, appearing to pilot, with some very hands on help, the most… »12/31/14 2:45pm12/31/14 2:45pm

Kim Jong Un Visits Submarine Base, Maybe Eyeing Sub-Based Nuke Ability

The ‘Young Master’ visited a North Korean Navy submarine base this week to ‘provide guidance’ over military drills. There he inspected a buffet, a WWII tactical table full of toy-like boats, some bunk beds, political education hall and a portion of the Korean People’s Navy archaic fleet of Romeo Class submarines »12/14/14 3:00pm12/14/14 3:00pm

North Korea's Brand New Ballistic Sub Discontinued by Soviets in 1990

Looks like North Korea's engineers have been hard at work brushing up on their obsolete Soviet-era technology. Because after acquiring 10 discontinued Soviet subs, everyone's favorite little warmongering-dictatorship-that-could has finally rendered the outdated ballistic vessels seaworthy—and it only took them 21… »11/03/14 11:41am11/03/14 11:41am

N. Korea's Dear Leader Gives MiG-29 Pilots Guidance On How To Fight

Just when you thought he was gone for good, North Korea's portly boy tyrant is back on the scene after what many believe was surgery to remove a cyst from his ankle. Kim Jong Un appeared at an air base where some of the hermit kingdom's few MiG-29s are based. According to state news, he gave the pilots 'guidance' and… »10/30/14 7:00pm10/30/14 7:00pm

The Hermit Kingdom: An Inside View Of North Korea's Hidden Car Culture

When I found myself in one of the most isolated and mysterious countries on the planet naturally the first thing I noticed was the profound assortment of vehicles in the airport parking lot. Behind the wall of mines and propaganda in North Korea are still people, and many people still like cars. »7/09/14 12:00pm7/09/14 12:00pm