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Elon Musk, hellbent on progressing the technological feats of humankind including artificial intelligence, would like you to know that artificial intelligence poses a greater threat to your fragile existence than threat-of-the-week North Korea.


Elon Musk, a man who told a gathering of governors that “AI is a fundamental risk to the existence of human civilization” last month, is tweeting through the constant news of Donald Trump throwing Guam under the bus and egging on a nuclear power by comforting us with the threat of an evil artificial intelligence.

Why do American political and business leaders seem to be practically begging North Korea to deep fry our asses on Twitter? Remember when Twitter was just bad joke punchlines and awkward “I meant to type that into the search bar, woops” scenarios? That was sort of fun.


Now we’re weighing the risk of life between a nuclear-armed North Korea and the impending threat of artificial intelligence with a fuzzy photo of a morbidly hilarious poster some billionaire is letting inspire his fear mongering.

So, kids, whom wants to die via nuclear vaporization and radiation, and whom wants to die to robot revolution?

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