Elon Musk: Artificial Intelligence Is More Dangerous Than North Korea

Photo via Getty Images
Photo via Getty Images

Elon Musk, hellbent on progressing the technological feats of humankind including artificial intelligence, would like you to know that artificial intelligence poses a greater threat to your fragile existence than threat-of-the-week North Korea.

Elon Musk, a man who told a gathering of governors that “AI is a fundamental risk to the existence of human civilization” last month, is tweeting through the constant news of Donald Trump throwing Guam under the bus and egging on a nuclear power by comforting us with the threat of an evil artificial intelligence.


Why do American political and business leaders seem to be practically begging North Korea to deep fry our asses on Twitter? Remember when Twitter was just bad joke punchlines and awkward “I meant to type that into the search bar, woops” scenarios? That was sort of fun.

Now we’re weighing the risk of life between a nuclear-armed North Korea and the impending threat of artificial intelligence with a fuzzy photo of a morbidly hilarious poster some billionaire is letting inspire his fear mongering.


So, kids, whom wants to die via nuclear vaporization and radiation, and whom wants to die to robot revolution?

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So I’ve listened to enough very smart people debate AI to understand that Elon Musk and other people like him* aren’t so concerned with Terminator-esque scenarios. There are other major ramifications to creating an intelligent, laterally thinking mind that processes information at roughly one million times the speed of the human brain. To steal an example I’ve heard; even if the AI is only as smart as the MIT graduates that create it (hypothetically), by the end of its first week after activation, it will have done the work of an MIT graduate who’s had roughly twenty thousand years to solve problems.

You think blue collar jobs in America are drying up now? Wait until we make an AI that can design and create factories, farms, mines, power plants, shipping routes, etc. that are 90% (or more) automated. White collar jobs will certainly take a massive hit too. Who needs accountants, for example, when you have a literal self-aware calculator to do the job? What do we do with the millions(or billions) left unemployed around the world who aren’t qualified to do anything substantial with their lives?

You think cyber warfare is a threat now? An AI could cripple an entire continent’s worth of countries in seconds. How do we stop AIs from getting into the hands of dictators like Vladimir Putin?

This is just the tip of the iceberg of the purely societal ramifications of humanity being unready for AI. The moral and ethical questions are another book or two worth of material. I’ve heard the estimate for when AI will be created range from within five years, to sometime in the next century, but most every high level computer scientist, quite a few regular scientists, and a handful of just plain old geniuses, all seem to agree that it is coming. The least we could do is be prepared for it, like we were with climate change...

We’re fucked.

*Not all the people talking about AI are as doom and gloom, some are quite hopeful(the poor naive fools).