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North Korea Owes NYC A Lot Of Money For Unpaid Parking Tickets

Image: Getty Images
Image: Getty Images

North Korea, whose leader called President Trump a “dotard” yesterday, also happens to owe New York City around $156,000 in unpaid parking tickets, according to NBC4. The fines accrued over the years on vehicles belonging to North Korea’s diplomatic mission to the United Nations.


Parking violations and U.N. diplomatic missions have a long history with each other in New York, and North Korea is far from the only country to treat NYC’s parking rules casually. But a memorandum of understanding between the city and the missions in 2002 set new rules in an effort to get countries to pay up. That seems to have mostly worked; in North Korea’s case, for example, most of their unpaid fines originate from before 2002.

Here’s how some other countries stack up, according to NBC4:

An I-Team analysis found vehicles assigned to diplomatic delegations from a multitude of countries have accumulated more than $16 million in combined unpaid penalties since the 1990s.

Among the notable scofflaws:

Syria, with $362,550 in parking debt

Iran, with $184,987 in parking debt

Russia, with $104,231 in parking debt

China, with $398,736 in parking debt

Pay your fines, other countries of the world! New York City could use the money to, I dunno, try to fix the subway or something.

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Brilliant! Now I see our strategy for stopping their missile tests.