America's Greatest American Makes World Better With Nicolas Cage Wiper

You want to know how to septuple the value of a Suzuki? Easy! Do what Reddit user Senekafalls did and cleverly convert your rear wiper into the benevolent, waving image of Nicolas Cage, where it can spread beauty and joy across a nation that so desperately needs it. » 11/05/14 12:29pm 11/05/14 12:29pm

A Friend Just Bought the Unicorn Ex-Nicolas Cage 6-Speed Ferrari 599

Say what you want about the lanky blue eyed Hollywood sell-out, but respect his taste in cars. Here's a man who, short of his flappy-paddle Enzo, would insist on only buying open gated Ferraris. His collection includes (read: "included" as he's broke now) a priceless Lamborghini Miura SVJ, a six-speed 612 Scaglietti,… » 6/16/14 2:34pm 6/16/14 2:34pm

Nicolas Cage To Shill For Chinese-Built Zombie Saabs

BAIC has the rights to produce an updated version of the old Saab 9-5, like the one your college professor's wife drove. Now Nicolas Cage has signed on as the brand ambassador for these cars. » 4/01/13 9:11am 4/01/13 9:11am

Nic Cage Explains Why the Damned Love to Drive

We got our first look at the trailer for Nic Cage's muscle car and hellfire fueled rampage Drive Angry. Plus, we talked to Cage himself and asked why he plays so many supernatural characters that are literally Hell on wheels. » 7/29/10 9:20am 7/29/10 9:20am

Nicholas Cage In Trouble Over Unpaid Rolls Royces

In 2007, actor Nicolas Cage leased a 1964 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud III worth a cool $550K and a not-as-cool 2002 Corniche. When he lost his shirt in the stock market, he returned 'em. Now he's got a $240K bill. » 3/15/10 12:30pm 3/15/10 12:30pm

Nine Injured In Second Sorcerer's Apprentice Accident

Days after a Ferrari crash in Times Square, nine crew members filming the Nicolas Cage flick The Sorcerer's Apprentice were injured when a BMW X5 hit them after jumping a curb. Is this movie cursed? » 5/06/09 1:30pm 5/06/09 1:30pm

Nicolas Cage Stunt Driver To Crash Ferrari F430 Into Jalopnik NY HQ…

Just found this outside the Jalopnik New York HQ. Looks like Nicolas Cage wasn't too happy with yesterday's Sorcerer's Apprentice Ferrari F430 crash coverage. Our guess is he's coming seeking either revenge or a re-shoot. » 5/05/09 4:00pm 5/05/09 4:00pm

Nicolas Cage Stunt Driver Wrecks Ferrari In Times Square

A driver for the upcoming Nicolas Cage flick "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" crashed a Ferrari F430 while filming a chase scene in New York's Times Square. Two were injured. Sadly, Cage's career will survive. Video below. » 5/04/09 12:30pm 5/04/09 12:30pm