America's Greatest American Makes World Better With Nicolas Cage Wiper

You want to know how to septuple the value of a Suzuki? Easy! Do what Reddit user Senekafalls did and cleverly convert your rear wiper into the benevolent, waving image of Nicolas Cage, where it can spread beauty and joy across a nation that so desperately needs it.


It's such a simple idea, but so wonderful in actual execution. And, just in case there's some of you out there with lumps of rotten coal where your hearts should be and thinking about calling the authorities on this, this — hero — yes, I said it, hero — listen up:

For those wondering, it's printed on 70/30 transparency, you actually can see right through it from the inside. Yes I have checked the laws in my state and it IS legal to have this.


Buddy, it's not just legal, it's RIGHT, fundamentally and truly. As if this person hasn't already given enough, get this:

The plan so far is to have him hold a holiday item for each month. (gingerbread man in December, delicious turkey leg in November, etc)

If Suzuki isn't already in talks with this person to make this standard across their line of cars and trucks, they're fools.

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