Nick Bollea, Son Of The Hulkster, To Serve 8 Months Without You Know What

Nick Bollea was sentenced to eight months in prison on charges of reckless driving from a street racing incident that left his 1998 Toyota Supra wrapped around a tree and a passenger critically injured. The jail time begins immediately and Bollea will also have five years of probation and a suspended license for three… »5/09/08 5:05pm

Police Photos From Nick Hogan Supra Crash Released, Still P***y Magnet Yellow

How does the age-old adage go? Mangled or not, it's still a yellow p***y magnet? The Clearwater Police Department has released hundreds of pictures of the p***y magnet yellow 1998 Toyota Supra. The original report says that Nick "Hogan" Bollea originally struck a curb, spun 180 degrees and slammed into a palm tree.… »3/13/08 4:00pm

Nick Hogan Calls His Supra A "P***y Magnet" In Rides Magazine, Claims To Have "Terrible Driving Record"

After learning earlier this morning about the possibility one of Hulk Hogan's Vipers may have been involved in the race that led to the crash of his son, Nick Hogan's (aka Nick Bollea) Supra (Again, pics of the crushed Supra here — and below), we really didn't think it was possible for there to be yet another wrinkle… »8/30/07 12:45pm

Love Sponge Says: "Nick Hogan OK...Out Of Hospital" After Supra Smash

According to radio shock-jock Bubba The Love Sponge — for serious, apparently Bubba's friends with Hulk Hogan's son — Nick Bollea's out of the hospital after his Supra smash-up we've already reported on twice this morning. Apparently the young son-of-a-wrestler ended up with "several bumps and scrapes and perhaps a… »8/27/07 12:00pm