Nick Bollea, Son Of The Hulkster, To Serve 8 Months Without You Know What

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Nick Bollea was sentenced to eight months in prison on charges of reckless driving from a street racing incident that left his 1998 Toyota Supra wrapped around a tree and a passenger critically injured. The jail time begins immediately and Bollea will also have five years of probation and a suspended license for three years. Bollea is the son of the Hulkster, who was also in attendance of the hearing dressed in black, head-to-toe (including his signature stocking cap). The lawsuit is still pending. [Sun-Sentinel]

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LandofMinos: ...sent down to strike the unroadworthy!

Here's a big one...



I think knowing his teenage son is in jail with the possibility of receiving anal punishment for a period of 8 months is plenty punishment for the Hulk. Dumb fuck, giving his kid a car like that.

@zyodei: Yeah, I'd joke about Paris getting gang banged in a women's prison. But like this celebrity kid, that's not going to happen. And before you start preaching values of freedom and democracy, tell me what the forefathers would think of the sort of punishment given to people who haven't been charged with anything sitting in Guantanamo Bay, some not knowing why they're there, and the rest of us not knowing whether they're guilty or not

@EVERYBODY ON JALOPNIK: This has to be one of those rare times where I think the punishment actually fits the crime, the Bollea kid gets eight months and suspended from driving for three years. The other kids gets to stay in bed for the rest of his life (wow! how lucky is he?).

My mother was killed by a drink driver in his early 20's, who hit her old Fairlane with an SUV while he was trying to v-max it on a two-way urban street. He survived because his SUV had crumple zones and air-bags. My mother had to be identified by dental records.

This kid's attitude while he's in court was "what was she doing there in the first place?" while his family and friends taunted my family, and it was the third time he'd been busted for drink driving.

...And the little cunt gets 4 years in the big house and 5 years off the road, arranged so when he gets out he only has a year off the road before he can drive again.

We all make mistakes, I personally have been done for DUI (PCA). But I learnt my lesson, got punished and am grateful nobody was hurt or killed. Bollea's attitude reflects the sentence he got and I think that's fair.