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Hulk Hogan Was Not The Driver Of The Viper Involved In His Son's Crash

This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.
This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

Last news we heard in the Nick Bollea Toyota Supra crash story (See the photos of the smashed-up Supra here!) came yesterday, when we heard the son of Hulk Hogan may have been engaging in some stoplight to stoplight racing with a Dodge Viper. Although we knew yesterday police believed the Hulkster was not the driver of any vehicle involved in the crash nor was he on site at the time of the crash, there's now rampant speculation one of his Vipers was involved. According to state records, Hogan owns three of the snake-like Dodge speed demons — "a 1994 roadster, a 2003 roadster and a 2006 roadster coupe." Police haven't ruled out the theory someone else may have been driving one of the former wrestlers Vipers yet. The other bit of news we're hearing comes by way of the St. Petersburg Times:

"Rabih Cheaib, 20, who watched the high-speed race and was at the scene shortly after the crash, said he saw the Viper return to the area after the accident. He recognized the driver as Dunedin resident Danny Jacobs, whom he knew through friends."


We're assuming with 22-year-old John J. Graziano, the passenger in Bollea's Supra, still in critical condition, the St. Pete's police are probably going to have a few questions for Mr. Jacobs. [via St. Petersburg Times]

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Please tell me there's not actually a Viper model called a "roadster coupe"?