Hogans Divorcing, Possibly to Weaken Post-Crash Lawsuits

Yet another twist in the Nick Hogan/Yellow Supra saga, with Mrs. Hogan (Linda Bollea) filing for a divorce from the Hulkster. You can see from the video that Hulk is a bit surprised by the divorce. While it's possible the stress of the crash and resulting litigation could be driving a wedge between them, the lawyer for the crash victim thinks the whole thing is a clever ploy to split the assets in half and make them harder to pursue.


It's being reported that "if the Supra and the Viper are not registered to both parents, it could be harder to go after Mrs. Bollea individually... [T]he mother's degree of control over who used the vehicles would have to be determined." If only the Hogans were this smart about not drinking and street racing. [Monsters & Critics]

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TexanIdiot25- needs moar horse powah

Marriage, the #1 cause of Divorce.

Also, on average, a modern wedding in the US averages $22,000. The average divorce? Also $22,000. Lurnt dat on Monstur Garaj