Judge Orders Pre-Sentence Investigation For Nick Hogan

The ongoing saga of Nick "Hogan" Bollea continues to play out as the judge in the case has ordered a pre-sentencing investigation for the son of the Hulkster. If you need a memory refresher, Bollea was arrested after crashing his p***y magnet 1998 Toyota Supra while street racing and seriously injuring his friend. How detrimental is a pre-sentence investigation? Well, we didn't pass the bar, but we know a lil' bit ...

...a pre-sentence investigation is usually done when a lot of different punishments or if a case goes to trial and the potential exists for plea deals. The investigation can also look into family life, which incidentally — appears to be going through some details which may or may not be caused by the incident in question. Hulk and Linda, we're looking at you.

Basically, Bollea has potential to be in a hulk-load of trouble, but not too much of a hulk-load, because he is a minor and isn't as legally culpable for his douchebaggery as an adult. [via TBO]

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