The Need For Speed Movie Proves Hollywood Thinks Gearheads Are Idiots

You know how you used to think that all movies based on video games suck (excepting, of course, 1975's intense psychosexual thriller Pong)? Well, you're still right. Need for Speed, though it tries very hard, is a movie that assumes car-lovers are idiots. And, as a car-lover and (rarely) occasional non-idiot, I'm sick… »3/12/14 2:20pm3/12/14 2:20pm

They Put a Racing Game in a Race Car So They Could Race While They Race

This is so stupid it's awesome. Viagame pit one of the world's top racing video game drivers against a real-life professional to see who was better. But the best part is Frederik Brolin, the video gamer, is driving the course, virtually, inside a car that is driving the course in real life. »12/29/13 6:08pm12/29/13 6:08pm

Need for Speed Rivals Looks Amazing Whether You Play It on PC or PS4

For one moment, the gap between playing a game on PC and on console seemed razor-thin. I played Need for Speed Rivals on both PC and PS4 and the two versions of EA’s upcoming racing game were virtually indistinguishable. What I saw was impressive no matter what machine it was running on. »10/18/13 9:07pm10/18/13 9:07pm

The Hypercars In The Need For Speed Movie Are Probably Replicas

We were pretty pumped to report on the car lineup in the upcoming Need For Speed movie. The sexy new $1.3 million McLaren P1? A Bugatti Veyron Super Sports? A Koenigsegg Agera R? It seemed like the hypercar breakfast buffet of our dreams. But now evidence has surfaced that the cars used in the movie are just… »4/11/13 10:34am4/11/13 10:34am