Crazed Modelmaker Makes Tiny-Scale Model Of Murilee's First-Ever Hell…

Not long ago, I dug up some old photos of the 1958 Volkswagen Beetle that launched me on the primer-and-junkyards automotive path I've taken to get to this point. Now look what's happened! » 7/18/09 6:00pm 7/18/09 6:00pm

Dive Right Into 1:32 Scale Model Dekotora Hell!

I thought I'd retired from Model Hell after my last project, but now I've found some kits that might force me to break out those headache-inducing tiny paintbrushes again: Dekotoras in 1:32 scale! » 4/25/09 5:00pm 4/25/09 5:00pm

Forget the Weathered Camaro: 1970 Impala Model

So I built my share of models as a kid, but I hadn't touched one for many years when I started hanging out with several professional modelmakers about 15 years back. These guys worked at a shop that made architectural models, courtroom exhibits, product prototypes, etc, and when they weren't on the clock they'd crank… » 4/19/07 1:30pm 4/19/07 1:30pm