1:16 Scale First-Gen Honda Civic Model Kit: Another One Gets Away

Once I started looking at those 1:32 scale Dekotora model kits, I knew I was in danger of being dragged back into the cruel, eyestrain-inducing vortex of Model Car Hell.


While a genuine Revell Deal's Wheels kit would be a lot of fun- you can't argue with the awesomeness of High Bloatation tires- the prices are pretty steep. Anyway, I've got my own full-sized Hell Project to deal with, no time for Model Car Hell. Well, that's what I thought until I found this 1:16 scale RHD first-gen Honda Civic kit on eBay last week. Not only is it a non-worshiped car in a weirdly large scale, it comes with a nicely detailed CVCC engine! No time to build model kits, uh-uh, no way, nohow, I told myself repeatedly… and somehow I refrained from buying it. Big mistake- some lucky bidder picked up The Coolest Model Kit Ever for under 30 bucks, and I'm kicking myself.

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