Model freaks have been ruining their eyesight and huffing glue fumes with Model Race Car Hell since the Barney Oldfield era, but what about models inspired by the fastest-growing race series in the world?

One crazy Canadian has started what we're sure will be the next big modelmaking craze, with his 1:24 scale model of the Castor Civic-Ensis 5th-gen Honda Civic, which finished 34th at the 2008 24 Hours Of LeMons Detroit-ish race.


It's possible to get models of so many LeMons cars, from Camaros to Proteges… but why stop there? We're thinking LeMons dioramas here! It wouldn't be hard to change the Tamiya Rally Mechanics into LeMons Mechanics, simply by adding mullets and replacing all their tools with hammers and rolls of duct tape!

[24 Hours Of LeMons Forums]