The new Ghost Rider is ditching his motorcycle for a car

When Ghost Rider drives back into comic stores next year, he won't be doing it on his iconic bike. Now the skull-headed purveyor of vengeance drives a classic Dodge Charger — don't worry, the wheels are still on fire. » 11/29/13 3:30pm 11/29/13 3:30pm

Fast Five is the superheroes-assemble movie you’ve been waiting for…

It's entirely possible that you haven't been paying attention to the internecine continuity of Universal's Fast and the Furious franchise — the most recent chapter of which, Fast Five, just grossed $83.6 million in its opening weekend. Given that it's a series about a pair of guys who steal cars and pose dramatically… » 5/02/11 4:45pm 5/02/11 4:45pm

Little Thor is much cooler than Little Vader

Remember Volkswagen's Tiny Darth Vader commercial? Marvel's created a brilliant riff on it with Little Thor and his mighty hammer. If only they'd also destroyed a new Jetta instead of an awesome old MG wagon. » 4/22/11 9:30am 4/22/11 9:30am