Here's What Could Happen If Mahindra Buys Pininfarina

Yesterday, we reported that Mahindra, makers of the legendary Thar, were in talks to buy Pininfarina, the legendary styling house and designers of some of the most beautiful cars ever built. Today I spoke with a source close to the deal, and learned some interesting things — and I'm making one very exciting guess. » 3/26/15 2:10pm Thursday 2:10pm

Pininfarina Reportedly In Talks To Be Bought By Mahindra

Pininfarina, the Italian styling house best known for designing all your favorite Italian cars plus a few Coke machines, has been on rocky financial footing for a while now. A savior might be in the offing, however, in the form of massive Indian conglomerate Mahindra. » 3/25/15 7:20pm Wednesday 7:20pm

The Great Oil Paradox: How Cheap Gas Could Lower Demand For Gas

This is The Morning Shift, our one-stop daily roundup of all the auto news that's actually important — all in one place every weekday morning. Or, you could spend all day waiting for other sites to parse it out to you one story at a time. Isn't your time more important? » 12/11/14 9:18am 12/11/14 9:18am

Prices For Used Cars Are Finally Falling

This is The Morning Shift, our one-stop daily roundup of all the auto news that's actually important — all in one place every weekday morning. Or, you could spend all day waiting for other sites to parse it out to you one story at a time. Isn't your time more important? » 10/07/14 9:30am 10/07/14 9:30am

Mahindra Maxximo Van: The Jalopnik Review

I admit, I'm coming into this review biased because this little van took me to India before I even sat in it. I'm happy to say that after driving it, I wasn't disappointed. The Mahindra Maxximo is a machine perfectly suited to its environment, and I respect that. It's also the second-slowest car I've reviewed. » 5/20/13 3:30pm 5/20/13 3:30pm

How The Indian Car Market Is The Bizarro Version Of America's

For the second time on my trip to India, I find myself entering a building and having a chain of flowers draped over my neck as a woman paints a mark on my forehead, and then showers me in flower petals. I never really know what to do in these situations, afraid that as soon as I open my mouth they'll realize the… » 2/22/13 12:00pm 2/22/13 12:00pm

Driving India's Jeep In A Desert Rally Without The Burden Of Skill

I knew I wanted to drive a Thar long before I had any idea I'd ever get to India. I was interested because it's one of the best automotive examples of evolution to an environment. Think of it this way: both the Thar and the Jeep we Americans know and love started with the same source: the WWII-era Willys Jeep. This… » 2/18/13 12:00pm 2/18/13 12:00pm

Why I Spent A Week In India Driving Everything I Could Find

Generally, the American motoring press doesn't think much about India. Sure, when there's big news  like a $2500 new car or someone remembering that, holy crap, they still build the Ambassador, we'll write about it, but for the most part we've done a pretty good job ignoring the sixth largest car market in the world.… » 2/15/13 4:23pm 2/15/13 4:23pm

The Chairman Of One Of India's Largest Car Companies Makes Me An Offer

Last week, I wrote about my admiration for the small, ingenious little vans currently being built in India, and, like many of my posts about strange cars we never see in the US, I included a sad little plea for someone to help me find a way to drive one of these things. » 12/10/12 4:40pm 12/10/12 4:40pm

Why India Is Making The World's Most Interesting Cars

I know that's a bold statement to make in that headline there, but I mean it. I should clarify though— "interesting" does not mean "best" in any sense of the word. It's not the fastest, most advanced, most comfortable, or really any superlative (other than maybe "cheapest"). But some of the cars that are currently… » 12/05/12 2:20pm 12/05/12 2:20pm

What Happened To America’s Next Great Compact Pickup?

We love sturdy compact pickups and we mourn that CAFE has largely killed any hope of their return. But we still want them anyway, and we still long for Mahindra. » 10/15/12 5:00pm 10/15/12 5:00pm

Nissan, Cummins test four-cylinder diesel for Titan pickup

Cummins and Nissan are testing a 4-cylinder diesel engine for the Nissan Titan with the feds that could get 28 mpg while pumping more than 350 lbs-ft. of torque. Mahindra who? » 5/19/11 1:45pm 5/19/11 1:45pm

Bad fuel economy news for Mahindra

The long-delayed Mahindra diesel pickup got U.S. fuel-economy ratings today: 19 city/21 highway. U.S. dealers had hyped 30 mpg; given their legal fights with Mahindra, the EPA probably had to run the tests with a pickup bed full of lawyers. » 2/04/11 4:15pm 2/04/11 4:15pm

Global Vehicles USA Still Hopes To Sell Mahindra Trucks By Spring

Mahindra still hopes to dream the impossible dream, reach the unreachable star, and right the unrightable wrong. [PickupTrucks] » 11/08/10 11:45am 11/08/10 11:45am

Mahindra Bolero: India, Truck Yeah!

India's growing wealth means the country's sure to give in to the same wasteful bourgeois spending habits that have made pet rocks, beer helmets, and Jackass 3D popular in the U.S. The result? The awesome diesel-powered Mahindra Bolero "Attitude" truck. » 10/13/10 3:30pm 10/13/10 3:30pm

Global Vehicles Bitch-Slaps Mahindra... With A $35 Million Pickup Truck…

Global Vehicles alleges Mahindra delayed EPA certification on their built-in-India pickup trucks to purposely cancel the contract granting exclusive rights for distribution in the United States. Now Global Vehicles is fighting back — by placing a $35 million order?! » 9/24/10 8:00am 9/24/10 8:00am

Mahindra Scorpio Shows Off Its Tennessee Two-Step

Indian conglomerate Mahindra cleared one set of U.S. regulations last week for selling its diesel-powered pickup in the United States. Based on these pictures from a Jalopnik reader, the Scorpio SUV may not be far behind. » 8/26/10 12:00pm 8/26/10 12:00pm