Crash At Indian Rally Championship Event Leaves Three Dead

Photo: Mahindra Adventure
Photo: Mahindra Adventure

Three people were killed in a crash during round three of the Indian National Rally Championship. A motorbike carrying the three victims had entered the track when it was struck by Gaurav Gill’s Mahindra Adventure Super XUV300.


According to a report from The Times of India, all three of the deceased were not wearing helmets and had entered the track warnings that a rally event was taking place. Per Indian Express:

The INRC promoter alleged that despite repeated warnings highlighting the closure of the road during competition, the villagers broke the barricades put in place.

“We had been giving warning about the road closure to the villagers for the past 15 days. There were field marshals but one of the deceased (Narendra) argued with them and when the marshals were looking away, the man broke the barricade and entered the track,” he said.

Narendra, his wife Pushpa and their son Jitendra were killed on the spot. Gill sustained an injury to his ribs and his having respiratory problems following the incident. Following tension before the rally and the fatal incident, angry villagers have reportedly seized Gill’s car.

The 2018 South India Rally, featuring the same Mahindra Adventure team.

The rally has been canceled and local police are investigating the incident.

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Why does this Rally Championship look like something me and bros threw together in our backyard.