Pretty Sure That's A Twin Turbo Lambo Beating Your Veyron, Dude

Despite being a decade old now, a stock Bugatti Veyron 16.4 will still out-accelerate almost all cars you can throw at it. But not a Stage 3 Gallardo, which is sort of funny once you start to think about it. » 2/17/15 9:55am 2/17/15 9:55am

Lamborghini Gallardo LP570 Super Trofeo Stradale vs. BMW M4 – Drag Race

Here is one of the most unusual drag races. In a 1/4 mile drag race video, a rare light-weight Lamborghini Gallardo STS (Super Trofeo Stradale) takes on the 2015 BMW M4. » 1/21/15 12:07pm 1/21/15 12:07pm

Darth Vader, Your Race Car Has Arrived

Famed Lamborghini race shop Reiter Engineering has made a GT3 racer that looks as mean as it sounds. Think Lamborghini has gotten too soft and Audi-like? This is the race car for you. » 11/29/14 3:40pm 11/29/14 3:40pm

Watch This Lamborghini Race Car Completely Flip End Over Nasty End

While the Lamborghini Huracan may have just started to replace the Gallardo, the latter is still racing against Audi R8s, McLaren 12Cs, and Mercedes SLS's over in Europe. And when they crash, they do so spectacularly, in true Lamborghini fashion. Like when this Gallardo decided to do a huge mid-air cartwheel. » 8/23/14 10:00am 8/23/14 10:00am

Your Ridiculously Awesome Lamborghini Gallardo Wallpaper Is Here

The Lamborghini Gallardo may be gone, replaced by the Huracan, but it's not exactly the kind of car you say "good riddance" to. You cherish it, remember it for what it was, and for what it always will be. Enough with the cloying sweetness, though. Thing's got a V10 and it goes like absolute stink. » 7/26/14 5:39pm 7/26/14 5:39pm

Woman Nearly Kneecapped By Lamborghini Gallardo At Bike Race

The finishing pack at the Gastown Grand Prix was lead by a Lamborghini Gallardo pace car. One spectator missed that memo, and nearly paid for it with her legs. » 7/10/14 11:47am 7/10/14 11:47am

Crash Rips Lamborghini Gallardo In Half, Driver Walks Away

A businessman in Thailand crashed his Lamborghini Gallardo into a tree after spinning off a wet road, causing the car to split in two. Miraculously the driver walked away with only minor injuries. The car? Not so much. » 6/25/14 12:12pm 6/25/14 12:12pm

Twin Turbo Gallardo Loses Control On Airport Launch

For years now, carmakers have been throwing four-wheel-drive at all their high-power offerings to make them easier to launch and easier to control. For one twin-turbo Lamborghini, that'd didn't exactly play out. » 4/20/14 9:00am 4/20/14 9:00am

Your Ridiculously Awesome Lamborghini Gallardo Racer Wallpaper Is Here

17 Minutes Of Lambo Fury At St. Petersburg

It goes something like this for former F1 and IndyCar driver Tomas Enge during last weekend's Pirelli World Challenge race at St. Petersburg: » 4/04/14 2:14pm 4/04/14 2:14pm

Austrian Mechanic Can't Resist Lamborghini, Promptly Flips It

A good auto mechanic is smart, safe, and competent. Bad mechanics are none of those things. But it looks like no matter who your mechanic is, when presented with the sweet, sweet siren song of a Lamborghini Gallardo, they won't be able to resist the temptation of taking it for a joyride and totaling it in short order. » 3/26/14 10:50am 3/26/14 10:50am

A Tuned Lamborghini, Studded Tires, And A Ski Slope

This is Reiter Engineering's Lamborghini Gallardo tuned to something around GT3 specifications. And it has studded snows on. And it can climb the Flachau ski slope in Austria. » 2/19/14 1:00pm 2/19/14 1:00pm

An Ode To Italy's Last Old School Supercar

Lamborghini Gallardo, we've known thee for nigh on a decade now. You've thrilled us. You've scared us. You've made us think dirty thoughts. But now thy time is done, taken down by a Huracan. We shall miss thee. » 12/20/13 4:40pm 12/20/13 4:40pm

Is This What The Lamborghini Cabrera Will Look Like?

The long-awaited successor to the Lamborghini Gallardo has some tough Pirellis to fill. Though ancient by automotive standards, the Gallardo still looks fantastic and wild. Looks like the tradition continues based on these renderings of the new Lamborghini Cabrera, which we hope have some relation to reality. » 11/19/13 3:00pm 11/19/13 3:00pm

Who You Should Blame For The Death Of The Gated Shifter

I'm not an old school guy. I love double clutch gearboxes and I think they're the way of the future. But I just drove a car with a gated manual shift and it's properly magical. It's also the end-of-the-line. So who is to blame? » 10/21/13 3:15pm 10/21/13 3:15pm

Lamborghini's Sinister Gallardo Super Trofeo Is Terrifyingly Amazing

Lamborghini has nothing close to a racing heritage in its past. But that doesn't mean it's too late to start. The Super Trofeo series is that start. And it's an absolutely incredible one. Here's what it's like to drive one of the fastest sports cars in the world. » 10/11/13 2:19pm 10/11/13 2:19pm

This Lamborghini Gallardo Covers 1 Mile in 21.8 Seconds @ 265.2 MPH

Step one: get rich. Step two: get a Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Superleggera. Step three: give it to Underground Racing for some boost. Step four: 265 mph after just one mile. » 7/19/13 10:02am 7/19/13 10:02am

This Flying Lamborghini Gallardo GT3 Could Use A Tad More Downforce

One unlucky Lamborghini Gallardo GT3 driver found himself accidentally channeling his inner Travis Pastrana at the Slovakia Ring recently. He probably didn't have too much fun doing it. » 7/15/13 5:05pm 7/15/13 5:05pm