How to Survive the Perils of New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve might be the best party night of the year, but it can also be the most stressful, from losing your phone to the far more perilous drive home. Here are a few things you can do now to stay safe and sane this New Year's. » 12/31/14 1:00pm 12/31/14 1:00pm

Our New iPad, iMac, and More Liveblog Starts Right Here, Right Now

Our New iPad Liveblog Starts Right Now

Welcome friends! In just a few short minutes, Apple's going to take the wrapping off of its updated iPad and iPad mini, along with a few other surprises. We're covering it all live, right here. Join us! » 10/17/13 1:30pm 10/17/13 1:30pm

They Look Like Toy Cars, But They're The "Future Of Consumer Robotics"

This looks like something you'd find in the Hot Wheels aisle at Walmart, but it's much more than that. It's a character from Anki Drive, an iOS-powered tech toy coming to Apple Stores and on October 23. Its creators call it "the future of consumer electronics." » 10/16/13 9:00pm 10/16/13 9:00pm

The complete Apple iOS 7 guide: Everything you need for a happy upgrade

You can upgrade your iPhone and iPad now with iOS 7. You probably have a lot of questions about it—here are all the answers you need. » 9/18/13 1:01pm 9/18/13 1:01pm

Ding! FAA May Roll Back Stupid Restrictions on Electronic Device Use

Good news for the flying, gaming public: The Federal Aviation Administration's bullshit, insulting-to-the-intelligence rules for the use of "approved portable electronic devices" are due to be relaxed, allowing for gate-to-gate use of your iPad, 3DS, Android phone or whatever. This could come as early as September. » 6/23/13 11:00am 6/23/13 11:00am

This Flying iPad Got Wedged In A Car Bumper

An iPad that becomes a razor sharp projectile and gets wedged in a car bumper? Now that's what I'd call "a bad apple." Yeah, I went there. » 4/10/13 5:09pm 4/10/13 5:09pm

'Siri, Do A Powerslide' To Be New Most Common Last Words of Ferrari…

In Geneva this week, Ferrari offered more insight into its recent collaboration with Apple. (No, not that apple, which is all Mercedes). The House of Enzo showed a Ferrari FF with two iPad Minis built into the front seat-backs for rear passengers' enjoyment. It's also got Siri smartphone integration. » 3/06/13 6:00pm 3/06/13 6:00pm

A Week With the iPad Mini

The iPad is too expensive. The Kindle Fire HD and Nexus 7 are too cheap. That seems to be the logic behind the iPad mini, the filling of a crucial void in our tablet lives. But after spending a week with it, I'm pretty sure the mini is less Goldilocks than it is Rapunzel: beautiful, flawed, and ultimately not worth… » 11/09/12 11:00am 11/09/12 11:00am

This iPad Car Holder From Hammacher Is An Exciting New Way To Die In A…

You know how you've always wanted your mangled corpse to be pried out of the remains of your smoldering car, but have always been too ashamed to make it happen because of the crappy paperbacks and magazines you read while driving? Then, buddy, are you in luck. » 8/28/12 2:30pm 8/28/12 2:30pm

Miniature James May Infests Your Gadgets

Seeing The Science Museum in London's new exhibit, Making the Modern World, is probably great. But wouldn't it be greater if Top Gear's James May was with you, going on and on why everything there is so incredible? And wouldn't it be even greater than that if he was tiny and you could hold him and turn him all around… » 4/27/12 2:00pm 4/27/12 2:00pm

We Need An E-Reader For Car Guys

I love the idea of reducing the number of devices I own. The thing I carry in my pocket already takes pictures, plays games, gives me alarms and reminders, browses the web, and even makes phone calls, sometimes. But there's just some things I do that need their own stuff. Working on my cars is one of them. » 3/19/12 2:00pm 3/19/12 2:00pm

The FAA May Soon Allow Electronic Device Use During Takeoff

Everybody hates having to stop reading ebooks, listening to music and playing Angry Birds during take-off. But it's not a fact of life; the FAA is rethinking its policy on using electronic devices during takeoff and landing. About. Bloody. Time. » 3/19/12 7:00am 3/19/12 7:00am

An iPad Knockoff Straight From Pakistan's Air Force

As nations now battle for technological and economic superiority in the same way that they used to struggle for military superiority, the Pakistan Air Force has embarked on a radical new mission: producing consumer electronics, including an e-reader seen above and an iPad-aping tablet computer. » 2/21/12 3:30pm 2/21/12 3:30pm

iDrive steering wheel mount for iPad is an awesome idea

iDrive is an awesome idea! A steering wheel mount device for your iPad, you can use it to easily and comforably surf, read, watch movies and play Angry Birds while driving. It works with your Kindle too! What can go wrong? » 12/01/11 3:45pm 12/01/11 3:45pm

Why turning off your devices during takeoff might have merit

When you're flying these days, you'll usually hear the flight crew instruct you during takeoff and landing to turn off "any device that has an off button"—not just activating airplane mode, but physically turning off the device. This makes very little sense to most tech-savvy types, but James Fallows at The Atlantic… » 11/30/11 10:30am 11/30/11 10:30am

Audi ad turns iPad's slide-to-unlock into twisty driving course

Before you get too excited, you can't actually turn your iPad or iPhone's "slide to unlock" feature into a twisting race course. What you see here is actually an interactive ad created by Audi for the iPad, promoting their magazine. » 11/28/11 1:30pm 11/28/11 1:30pm

How the iPad ate the auto show display

Two years ago, video displays at auto shows were beginning to look like iPhone interfaces. This year at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the transformation is complete. Gone are the custom video panels and touchscreen PC’s: pretty much every manufacturer has ditched them for a line of iPads. » 9/14/11 12:00pm 9/14/11 12:00pm

Hyundai kills free iPad owner's manual for luxury sedan

Hyundai is killing the free iPad owner's manual shipped with each new Hyundai Equus luxury sedan after just a year, despite it being the only thing Hyundai ever talks about when they advertise the car. » 8/11/11 1:30pm 8/11/11 1:30pm