Hurst/Hemi Challenger Teased Ahead Of SEMA Launch

These photos show details of the new 500+ HP 2009 Hurst/Hemi Challenger » 11/03/08 4:00pm 11/03/08 4:00pm that’s scheduled for an official unveiling at tomorrow. Expected to be available from a range of dealers early in 2009, Hurst is offering a variety of upgraded components for the , all of which appear to be fitted to this vehicle; that means the…

Hurst/Hemi Challenger Expected To Grind Gears At 2008 SEMA Show

The old-school shifter gurus at Hurst are back in the custom vehicle business, choosing the 2009 Dodge Challenger » 8/27/08 6:30pm 8/27/08 6:30pm as their latest canvas. The Hurst/Hemi Challenger is scheduled to make its debut at the 2008 show in Vegas, after which it's expected in dealerships during the first part of next year. A Hurst shifter is…

The Island That Time Forgot: Hurst Mystery Shifter Display

I forgot to mention one of the most important reasons for having so many surviving old cars on the streets of Alameda: Lee Auto Supply. This old-school auto-parts store has been in the same brick building on Park Street since the 1920s, and now stands as one of the only remaining independent parts stores in northern… » 12/20/07 2:30pm 12/20/07 2:30pm