How To Cook And Eat Whole Shrimp (Yes, Even Their Heads)

Generally speaking, we like shrimp. Your local supermarket testifies to this: Multiple sizes of shrimp of various provenance on display at the seafood counter; shrimp prepared and flash-frozen in wild variety (OK, maybe not wild variety, but anyway Captain Gorton breads them at least a couple of different ways) over… » 5/10/14 3:21pm 5/10/14 3:21pm

Terrifying GoPro video from tanks in Syria's war zone

Need a quick reminder as to why war should be avoided at all costs? Spend an hour in the driver's seat of a Syrian Army T-72 tank column as it spews destruction through Syria's Darayya warzone. Then watch the rebels destroying the tanks. Warning: Although you can't see the bodies, fighters on both sides are dying.… » 3/20/14 2:28pm 3/20/14 2:28pm

Visit America's most iconic horror movie filming locations

Whether it’s a man-eating shark, a mall surrounded by zombies, a haunted house, or satan himself trying to steal your soul (or knock you up), these are the films that haunt your dreams. So, face your fears on this nightmare-fueled road trip across America, and visit some of the most iconic horror movie filming… » 7/31/13 10:02am 7/31/13 10:02am

I Paid Strangers $50 To Tie Me Up And Scare The Shit Out Of Me

I slowly make my way down a hallway lit only by the glow of a few TVs strewn about the floor. As I creep forward, so does a figure on the screens. The footage is a live feed of myself projected onto each television. But I can't focus on that now, because my bare foot just stepped on what feels exactly like a condom.… » 10/04/12 8:30pm 10/04/12 8:30pm

Roswell 'UFO' Was Nothing More than Stalin's Nazi Space Ship Full of…

As one of America's foremost news sources for crazy internet people, we feel it is important to keep you informed on the very latest news regarding the real story behind mysterious government alien autopsy site "Area 51," the Nevada military base where they keep that UFO that crashed in Roswell in 1947. And now, the… » 5/23/11 5:46pm 5/23/11 5:46pm

This Yacht Defies My Wildest Tackiest Dreams—and It's Awesome

Sure, it's just a concept, but if someone has envisioned this aircraft carrier of stupidity, this 508-foot epitome of naff, I'm sure it will be built by some Russian or Arab rich guy. And I can only hope I'm invited. » 1/07/11 7:30am 1/07/11 7:30am

Nic Cage Explains Why the Damned Love to Drive

We got our first look at the trailer for Nic Cage's muscle car and hellfire fueled rampage Drive Angry. Plus, we talked to Cage himself and asked why he plays so many supernatural characters that are literally Hell on wheels. » 7/29/10 9:20am 7/29/10 9:20am

Ukrainian Limousine Sets All Time Ugly Record

There have been many entrants for the title of worlds ugliest car, many of which hail from the former Soviet Union republics, but this Ukrainian limousine makes us think the competition might be over. » 12/12/08 6:00pm 12/12/08 6:00pm

Go Here For Inspiration On Your Audi A9

No doubt after checking out the breakout styling superstar Audi A9 we saw yesterday, you're contemplating a similar transformation for your own boring commuter-mobile. Why not spice things up with wings, various pipes, lights, fiberglass and faux fur? It seems like the only logical thing to do. Setting aside the… » 2/20/08 10:00am 2/20/08 10:00am

Wild Russian SUV Has Identity Crisis

We've seen questionable Porsche Cayennes out of Ruskie tuning shops before, but this one takes the cake - especially since we're pretty sure it's a VW Touareg. This abomination with a split personality comes once again from English Russia and between the mildly interesting front end and the horror show that is the… » 1/22/08 2:00pm 1/22/08 2:00pm

Qu Horror! MGs Meet Grisly Fates

Back when I was young and optimistic, I spent a couple years with MGs as daily drivers (this is the reason I am bitter and cynical now). When you own an MG, you spend a lot of time chasing parts and interacting with difficult men who are a little funny on the subject of British cars. Granted, they aren't as bad as… » 3/01/07 9:00am 3/01/07 9:00am

Identities Obscured to Protect the Innocent

There's a ring of hell under construction for Bondo misusers, where the doomed will cruise an infernal mall parking lot in perpetuity, awkwardly chatting up damned chicks and scoping out spots among the brimstones on which to do donuts. They'll serve their sentence in cars like this, with no sense of proportion,… » 12/22/06 9:46am 12/22/06 9:46am