Chrysler Brings Back The Shaker Hood Scoop Amidst Explosive Retrogasm

Since it's going to be some time since we see a major refresh or a completely new product from Chrysler's pony car department, they're bringing back the "shaker" hood scoop to keep the current Dodge Challenger fresh a little longer. » 11/06/13 9:00am 11/06/13 9:00am

The Best And Worst Hood Scoops

Hood scoops! Do 'em right and your car looks like a furious, forced induction-having ass-kicking machine. Do 'em wrong and it makes the car absolutely absurd. » 3/30/13 4:05pm 3/30/13 4:05pm

Hood Scoop Of The Week: Rover 3500

When British Leyland decided to market the Rover P6 in North America, they knew that they'd need two things to make power-crazed Americans buy their hot saloon: a V8 engine… and wicked-looking hood scoops! » 7/26/09 6:30pm 7/26/09 6:30pm

LeMons Hood Scoop Of The Day: Mustang II License Plate Special

After a long day of 24 Hours Of LeMons BS inspections, we knocked off for the day when it got too dark to see those "junkyard" Bilstein shocks or "Katrina flood cars." Out of the 76 cars that will be racing tomorrow, we probably got through 45; the others weren't... quite... ready... yet (cue sounds of Sawzalls,… » 10/17/08 11:45pm 10/17/08 11:45pm

A Question That Should Never Be Asked About A Dodge Charger SE

Please, if you have a Dodge Charger SE, never ask "Does the hood from a Charger SRT8 » 9/12/08 1:00pm 9/12/08 1:00pm fit on my car?" Yes, the hood should bolt on just fine, but that's not the question you should be asking yourself. First off, do you want the hood from an SRT8? If it's for the big scoop, you can get superficial aggression a lot…