'Fake Hood Scoops' Is the Google Image Search You Never Knew You Needed

Image: Google

On Wednesday, I wrote about the 1,000-horsepower 2019 Yenko Camaro package and its addition of a “non-functional scoop and grille” to the factory car. As I said then, and as I still say now, everyone loves a non-functional scoop and grille! Just plug that into an online image search and you’ll understand.

You may like supercars and gated manual shifters, and maybe you even have an affinity for tasteful dive planes. Sure, whatever. But stop searching that stuff for a second. You know what it looks like. It’s predictable. It isn’t changing. A true, spontaneous segment of automotive culture is the fake hood scoop, and the fake hood scoop deserves more of your undivided attention. Why pay for real air intakes when you can just pretend your car is a scary performance machine?


The first—the very first—photo on a Google image search for “fake hood scoops” is this forum gem, which probably comes complete with the kiddos making the “vroom vroom” sounds.

Screenshot: F150 Forum

Then there’s this, which comes from a truly lovely YouTube video advertising an audio-connected fake hood scoop, for people who might “like to have that loud muscle car sound in [their] Eco friendly car.” It’ll even match the sound to the revs in real time, the video description says. Nice.

Image: Jesse Deslauriers (YouTube)

The caption on the forum posting linked this image result says it all.

Screenshot: SwedeSpeed

A fake hood scoop and some stylin’ doors for this Smart car, whose owner is obviously very Smart and Stylin’.


Alright, we know, you’re sold on fake hood scoops. You love them, even. But you’ve got another problem to tackle now.

What do you do when you can’t decide where to put the fake hood scoops, or how many to get? You put them everywhere. You get them all. Don’t hold back. Stick one on your wheel, for good measure.

Screenshot: Toyota-4Runner.org

Go forth and get your Googling fingers ready. Or Bing, if that’s your thing. Who knows what those results may have. You’ll enjoy it, either way.

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