A Question That Should Never Be Asked About A Dodge Charger SE

Please, if you have a Dodge Charger SE, never ask "Does the hood from a Charger SRT8 fit on my car?" Yes, the hood should bolt on just fine, but that's not the question you should be asking yourself. First off, why do you want the hood from an SRT8? If it's for the big scoop, you can get superficial aggression a lot cheaper than the $1500 an SRT8 hood will run you. If it's performance you're after, the SRT8's hood scoop probably won't do your V6 any good, so why not spend money on some actual upgrades like a simple aftermarket cold-air intake? We know: This scenario is played out constantly, not just on Chargers, but everything from Lancers sporting Evo wings to stock Caddies with blingin' V-Series grilles. So who are the biggest poseurformance culprits in your neck of the woods? [ChargerForums]


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