Get Lost In The Amazing Details Of Group C Cars Like This Little Girl

Group C cars are basically closed cockpit Formula-1 cars that had to run for 24 hours at full throttle before the party ended in 1994. These Le Mans veterans are the coolest, and I've never been so close to them before. Warning: I came back with tons of pictures! » 3/26/15 5:35pm Thursday 5:35pm

Here's A Must See For All Jaguar XJ220 Lovers

The earliest XJ220s are past their 23rd birthday by now, and throughout all those years, it wasn't Jaguar who kept them alive, but Don Law Racing. Meet the father and son behind the amazing garage that went racing and built the ultimate XJ220, the LM. » 3/11/15 9:37am 3/11/15 9:37am

Start-Up Instructions For A Porsche 962

The Porsche 962 is one of the most iconic race cars to come out of the 1980s, with versions competing in both IMSA GTP and the World Sportscar Championship's Group C. However, race cars typically need some cajoling to get going properly. Here is the list of start-up procedures for the 962. » 1/11/15 1:31pm 1/11/15 1:31pm

This Is How It Looks When Two Historic Artworks Smash Into Each Other

The thing about race weekends is that you normally don't just get one race, you get a lot of little support races. One of those tends to be a "Legends" race, where heroes of years past take some laps around the track. It's supposed to be nice and congenial. Until the cars get destroyed. » 12/25/14 11:00am 12/25/14 11:00am

When People Talk About Great Racing They're Talking About Group C-smas

Welcome, friends and family, to Group C-smas! What is Group C-smas, you ask? Why, it's a holiday of festive fun and cheer of course! Also, it's Christmas, so we're going to just bring you awesome videos of Group C and GT1 Le Mans racing all day. Yeah, this really is the Best Christmas Ever. » 12/25/14 9:00am 12/25/14 9:00am

Group C Cars Up Close At Le Mans Will Make You Long For Days Past

What you see here is Le Mans on a Thursday afternoon. Tea time with Group C cars, basically. And it will make you wish it was 1989 again... acid wash jeans and all. » 6/13/14 1:32pm 6/13/14 1:32pm

Group C was better than Group B

I am not sure how unpopular of an opinion it is, but Group B seems to be the more popular of the two around these parts. But I have always though Group C was just more badass. I guess I am going to rant real quick like. » 4/27/14 3:59pm 4/27/14 3:59pm

Group C was responsible for the best sounding cars in the world

Here's a few videos proving my point. These cars don't have fancy tuned exhaust noises. What you're hearing is the sound of raw power, with some of these cars edging on 1000bhp. Your ears will thank you. I know mine have. » 5/22/13 5:26pm 5/22/13 5:26pm

See one amazing collection of Group C Porsches

If feasting your eyes on one Group C Porsche is impressive, seeing 15 in one place is unbelievable. That is however exactly what happened at this year's 2011 Salon Prive event in London. This impressive gathering of Group C Porsches is truly spectacular and represents a significant portion of the company's racing… » 8/14/11 11:00am 8/14/11 11:00am

Peugeot 905: The Frenchies' Other Le Mans Winner

The Peugeot 908’s win last weekend at the 24 Hours of Le Mans was not Peugeot’s first: they won back-to-back titles in 1992 and 1993 with this — the gorgeous 905. » 6/17/09 4:30pm 6/17/09 4:30pm

2009 MCA ALA 50 Unveiled By The Prince Of Monaco

Finally, the moment nobody was waiting for. This is the new MCA ALA 50, a prototype for an upcoming supercar from Monte Carlo Automobile. Evidently, it's some sort of birthday present to Prince Albert. Styling looks to be inspired by '90s Group C racers, but that's not stopping those Monegasque boys from planning to… » 5/13/08 1:40pm 5/13/08 1:40pm