Winston Churchill's Land Rover Could Be Yours

The man who put the "Great" in Great Britain owned a Land Rover toward the end of his long life, and it's going up for auction in October. This one's got a few modifications, as this Brit was great indeed, especially around the waist. » 8/29/12 4:30pm 8/29/12 4:30pm

Austin Allegro: European Cars At Their Best!

When INGSOC takes over Britain, how will the Outer Party officials be brought to their jobs at the Ministry Of Truth? In chauffeur-driven Austin Allegros, of course! » 5/30/10 1:00pm 5/30/10 1:00pm

UK New Car Buyers Saddled With Radios That’ll Be Obsolete In 5 Years

Much like the US transition to digital TV, the UK is transitioning to digital radio in 2015. However, unlike in the US, consumers are still being sold products that'll be obsolete when that transition is made. » 6/29/09 12:30pm 6/29/09 12:30pm

1937 Beardmore Taxi

Welcome to Down On The Street, where we admire old vehicles parked on the streets of the Island That Rust Forgot: Alameda, California. Here's the fourth 1930s car I've found down on the Alameda street.
» 5/16/09 9:00am 5/16/09 9:00am

Hoon Appointed UK Secretary Of State For Transport

Well, Hoon by name if not by nature. Geoff Hoon, former Secretary of State for Defense, was appointed the United Kingdom’s Secretary Of State For Transport back in October. Could this be a good thing? Surely anyone named Hoon can’t be all evil, right? Well, he has called fixed speed cameras “arbitrary” and “unfair,”… » 11/25/08 1:00pm 11/25/08 1:00pm

British Police Expand License Plate Surveillance, Will Store All Trips…

The surveillance state of Britain is becoming more and more unbelievable as The Guardian » 9/15/08 2:30pm 9/15/08 2:30pm is reporting a number-plate recognition system will now be tied to a massive database allowing the movements of all vehicles to be tracked and stored for up to five years.The system works by using government and privately-owned…

Think You've Got It Bad? Gas Hits $14.76 a Gallon In Britain

Great Britain is in the midst of a fuel supply crisis the scope of which gives us the cold sweats: Supply is short, stations are closing with dry tanks, and those that do have dino juice are demanding a princely sum equivalent to $14.76 a US gallon. Light sweet crude, it's the end of the world! Okay, not really. The… » 6/17/08 5:20pm 6/17/08 5:20pm

Remploy Bosses Rewarded With Mercedes For Firing Disabled Workers

Okay, that's an admittedly sensationalist headline, but completely true even without context. Remploy is a British company in the business of hiring out disabled workers to jobs where they can be effective. It was incorporated after the WW2 to manage all the disabled workers now within Her Majesties court. Until… » 3/26/08 5:45pm 3/26/08 5:45pm

Clampers Trapped As Furious Brits Demand Full Release

Residents of an exclusive new apartment complex in Sussex awoke Monday to find a couple of burly guys slapping wheel clamps on their cars. Did they let things slide? Hell no they didn't. The complex had apparently done the worst job ever at getting its residents their parking passes and the fellows were there to put… » 2/21/08 4:15pm 2/21/08 4:15pm

It's Built By Ford And It Goes Like (KABOOM)!

In 1981, the year of this ad, the car sold as the "Capri" in the States was a Mercury Fox Mustang clone. Back in the UK, however, the venerable Ford Capri was still available, and it came with a 2.8-liter V6 that gave it a not-too-bad-for-1981 0-60 time of 7.8 seconds. Check out those painfully-80s graphics! » 6/14/07 2:30pm 6/14/07 2:30pm

Sunbeam Rapier Fastback: Not Barracuda-Inspired, Really!

The Sunbeam Rapier Fastback's designer claimed he wasn't ripping off the look of the early Plymouth Barracuda (and maybe he's telling the truth) but so what if he was? How can you not love a British Barracuda? Too bad Rootes couldn't talk corporate overlord Chrysler out of some Slant Sixes while they were at it,… » 3/21/07 5:25pm 3/21/07 5:25pm

Surf's Up! The Hillman Imp Californian

Perhaps inspired by Ford's sales of a few thousand California Special Mustangs here in the US of A, Hillman decided that slapping the name of Richard Nixon's home state on a fastback '67 Imp would somehow convince legions of British car buyers to part with 650 for the thing. Sadly, the Imp Californian lacked the… » 3/16/07 4:29pm 3/16/07 4:29pm

British V8 Swaps: We Mean It, Man!

Little British sports cars are kinda lovable, in the same way that a friendly dog who gets sick all the time with random unexplainable symptoms is lovable, but for the most part they sputtered off the assembly line- and past the jeering picket line of striking British Leyland employees- with about 1/3 the horsepower… » 3/14/07 5:00pm 3/14/07 5:00pm

Reliant Robin Supervans For 8.99

Yeah, yeah, they're 1/43 scale. But damn, it's a genuine limited-edition diecast Reliant Robin Supervan! I own only one 1/43 scale toy car at this point (a '75 Pacer X) but I think it may soon have a companion. » 3/05/07 12:16pm 3/05/07 12:16pm

Batmobile #6 Sells For 119K

The sixth of an "unspecified number" of Batmobiles built for the original TV show just went for the equivalent of $233,000 at an auction in London today. The winning bid came from a private museum in that no-questions-asked tax haven, the Cayman Islands. What's interesting about Batmobile #6 is that it's a… » 2/28/07 7:23pm 2/28/07 7:23pm

UK Ad Watch: Goodyear Reminds Brits Changing Tires Can Be Dangerous

We're always leery of changing a tire by the side of the road at night, but that's got less to do with our abilities with a spare and more to do with being afraid of the dark. Still, these three humorous little Brit bits from the boys and girls at Goodyear remind everyone of the hazards of changing tyres (or tires… » 11/14/06 8:11pm 11/14/06 8:11pm