UK Ad Watch: Goodyear Reminds Brits Changing Tires Can Be Dangerous

We're always leery of changing a tire by the side of the road at night, but that's got less to do with our abilities with a spare and more to do with being afraid of the dark. Still, these three humorous little Brit bits from the boys and girls at Goodyear remind everyone of the hazards of changing tyres (or tires if you're on this side of the pond) by the side of the road. Of course Goodyear would say that — they sell those run-flat tires, which to us sound silly 'cause, you know, how do you know if it's flat if it still feels like it isn't. Plus hey, didn't they have that trouble with the Lotus last week too?

The Lotus Elise Should Probably Be Serviced Anywhere But Orlando [internal]

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Mike Spinelli

I once accidentally put fix-a-flat on a piece of pie. True story.