The Lotus Elise Should Probably Be Serviced Anywhere But Orlando

This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.
This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

This story hit the EliseTalk forums yesterday — it all starts with an Lotus owner in Orlando, FL who took his Elise into Goodyear to drop a new set of tires on his canary yellow grip-tight speedster. And the result was — well, let's just say we'd be laughing if we weren't crying so hard. Here's the story, straight from forum member and dented-Elise owner qball:

First of all, I did EVERYTHING I was supposed to except stick around and watch.

Dropped my Elise off to the local Goodyear shop to have new F1G3s installed. My Father-in-law is the service manager and has been for 10 years. He is out on medical leave, but he met me at the shop this morning, because he understands the uniqueness of the car.

I handed them the tire tools and opened the Owner's Manual to the jacking instructions so they would be clear. We went over all the instructions and they assured me I was in good hands.

We left...1 hour later I get a call about the "accident" and that I needed to come down...


So this is what I found...

Full gallery below and the rest of what happened below the jump.

[Lotus Elise Busted Gallery]

It get's better... They said they read the manual, but not to the point where it spoke about the 4-point lift. After the crash, they continued reading. Yipee for me.

The damage is inclusive of the rear clam, front clam, underneath the driver's door, and a nice puncture through the bottom diffuser around the passenger seat area.


[Hat tip to Spike and Jay]

fu@K, Sh!+, CR^P! DAMAGE!!!! [EliseTalk]

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texans: where else are you gonna take your car? you need special machines to change tires, which the goodyear store has, and goodyear tires aren't crap. I fail to see how that constitutes cheap. Cheap would be putting it on cinder blocks and taking the wheels to pep boys.

That car should never have been on that lift. For rear-engined vehicles they should have used the alignment lift which gets the car off the ground and then has seperate lifts for the front and rear to get the tires off the ramps. Those 4 point lifts are old and I don't see many people using them for much anymore.

I hope he gets a new elise. I can't imagine that one is good for much anymore.