Batmobile #6 Sells For 119K

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The sixth of an "unspecified number" of Batmobiles built for the original TV show just went for the equivalent of $233,000 at an auction in London today. The winning bid came from a private museum in that no-questions-asked tax haven, the Cayman Islands. What's interesting about Batmobile #6 is that it's a steel-bodied car, unlike the fiberglass copies of Barris' original commissioned by the show's producers. Doesn't seem like such a bad deal, compared to the price tag of the Pope's ex-Golf.

Batmobile Fetches 119,000 Pounds After Bidding War [Bloomberg]

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My understanding is that there are 5 original Batmobiles.The Futura conversion and 3 fiberglass pulled from the Futura.There was a fifth car built by a fan in 1966,that was also metal,but it was confiscated by Barris and later sold as being an original Batmobile which it wasn't.Where does the sixth metal one come from.Please check out this Batmobile website


Rob Norberg