Remploy Bosses Rewarded With Mercedes For Firing Disabled Workers

Illustration for article titled Remploy Bosses Rewarded With Mercedes For Firing Disabled Workers

Okay, that's an admittedly sensationalist headline, but completely true even without context. Remploy is a British company in the business of hiring out disabled workers to jobs where they can be effective. It was incorporated after the WW2 to manage all the disabled workers now within Her Majesties court. Until recently things had been going along dandy with 5,000 people in their employ across many plants in Britain. That is until a couple of weeks ago, when the company laid off half of the total workforce.


Despite the seemingly drastic measures, and here's the rub, the upper management will be driving around in Mercedes Benz CLK's for their hard work. The total corporate fleet of 443 cars figures in at about 8 million British pounds, with an average vehicle price of 19,900 Quid. We're no experts in labor relations, but we're betting this really chuffs the knickers of all those out of work disabled limeys. Bet there's about the be a big row over this one. [This IsLondon]

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Rob Emslie

So not only did they fire the most at-risk of the nation's work force, but they got cars made in Germany by Pakistanis as a pat on the back? When did Dick Cheney move to Great Britain?