EXCLUSIVE: Leaked Ford Document Suggests Many More RS Models Are Coming

With the Focus RS release yesterday, and persistent rumors of a Fiesta RS floating around, it's safe to say that the air has been saturated with RS-speculation and interest. Which is why I wasn't too surprised to receive a leaked slide of Ford's upcoming RS plans. But I was very surprised at what I saw. » 2/04/15 2:22pm 2/04/15 2:22pm

2016 Ford Focus RS: This Is It

Here's our first glimpse of the 2016 Ford Focus RS, the turbocharged beastie that's set to spark thousands of forum flamewars and more than a few cases of buyer's remorse. And we're finally getting it in the states, probably. » 2/02/15 10:18pm 2/02/15 10:18pm

​The Ford Focus RS Could Debut In Two Months

Some tea leave-readers were convinced that the next Focus RS was going to debut this week in Detroit. They were wrong. Now we're hearing Ford's turbocharged, all-wheel drive beastie is coming to the Geneva Motor Show, which makes way more sense. » 1/17/15 9:00am 1/17/15 9:00am

Ken Block Wrecks In Practice, It's Gotta Be The Shoes

Despite being the first American to score points in the WRC since the '80s, Ken Block is still working on keeping his powerful Focus RS upright. Exhibit A: This video of him rolling during practice. » 11/12/10 9:30am 11/12/10 9:30am

Most Interesting Man In The World Buys A Stratos Replica

We anointed Pete Krehbiel the "Real Most Interesting Man In The World" after he managed to legally import a Ford Focus RS. Now an admittedly hungover Krebs emailed us details of his latest conquest: a basketcase Lancia Stratos replica. » 10/18/10 3:00pm 10/18/10 3:00pm

Mikko Hirvonen Crashes At Rally Finland, Kills Car Deader Than Hell

Ford driver Mikko Hirvonen crashed out of Rally Finland today in fairly dramatic fashion. The Finn was leading the event when he lost control of his Focus RS and somersaulted over a hill. Crazy in-car and spectator footage below. » 7/30/10 2:00pm 7/30/10 2:00pm

Ford Adds Le Mans Paint Jobs To Focus RS

Ford's painted five Focus RS hot-hatches to match winning GT40s from its Le Mans victories in the '60s and they're offering 'em up for "exclusive sale." Why? Someone probably got up on the chav side of the bed one morning. » 6/22/10 12:30pm 6/22/10 12:30pm

Mikko Tosses Focus RS500 Around The 'Ring

Finnish rally star Mikko Hivronen takes a surprisingly casual quick lap down the Nordschleife in the 350 HP Focus RS500, proving both the Focus and Mikko can keep all four wheels on the ground. » 5/28/10 1:00pm 5/28/10 1:00pm

2010 Ford Focus RS: First U.S. Drive

The Ford Focus RS is the most lustworthy European hot hatch forbidden to us Yanks. No journalist has dared put all 305 hp of its front-wheel-drive madness down on red, white, and blue soil. Until now. » 5/10/10 3:00pm 5/10/10 3:00pm

Viva Los Hoons! Jalopnik Reader Buys Mexican Focus RS

Remember the lime green 2010 Ford Focus RS for sale in Mexico? One of our readers bought it and will be importing it to the US. To say we're jealous would be like saying the sun's warm. Complete story below. » 2/04/10 12:00pm 2/04/10 12:00pm

Your Best Chance To Own A Focus RS In The U.S.

A dealership on the wrong side of the Texas border is offering up a 2010 Ford Focus RS to the first person with $45,000. Of course, you'll still have to do the importing on this bright-green slice of heaven. » 2/02/10 3:00pm 2/02/10 3:00pm

Santa Rolls In A Focus RS

Brandenburg, Germany is our kind of place. Rather than a fake sled running on top of a tractor, their Santa Claus parade features a freakin' Ford Focus RS. We'll be nice, we promise. Photo Credit: Andreas Rentz/Getty Images » 12/07/09 10:40am 12/07/09 10:40am

Ford Focus RS Hits Nurburgring For 8:26 Lap Time

With 300 HP out of a turbocharged 5-cylinder, the Ford Focus RS is one of the most delicious of Europe's forbidden fruits, and now we know what it'll do an 8:26 on Germany's Nurburgring. Jealous. » 8/06/09 2:00pm 8/06/09 2:00pm

Fifth Gear Pits EVO X Against Focus RS In Epic Turbocharged Soccer Match

Fifth Gear's Tiff Needell and Jason Plato have taken it upon themselves to pit the rally-bred AWD Mitsubishi Evo X against the brand-spanking-new, touring car-inspired FWD Ford Focus RS in an epic turbocharged game of soccer. » 6/12/09 4:15pm 6/12/09 4:15pm

2009 Ford Focus RS Versus Jet Pack

Eric Scott set a record for fastest jet-pack flight this week by reaching 68 MPH in a race against the 2009 Ford Focus RS. Awesome feat — but we'd still rather have the Focus RS. » 5/13/09 1:00pm 5/13/09 1:00pm

Ford Focus RS Tops Nissan GT-R In "Real World" Test

Autocar pits the beloved Ford Focus RS against the ferocious Nissan GT-R on real world roads, where the RS would actually have a chance against Godzilla. The result? They'd rather have the RS. » 4/30/09 4:00pm 4/30/09 4:00pm

305 HP Ford Focus RS Coming To America?

Automotive News reports Ford's contemplating bringing the Euro-only Ford Focus RS (along with the torque-steer-gasmic 305 HP turbocharged 2.5-liter five-banger Volvo powerplant) stateside. Fiesta Movement? Ha. More like a Focus Movement — in our pants! » 4/06/09 11:00am 4/06/09 11:00am

Fifth Gear Test Drives 2009 Focus RS, We're RS Green With Envy

That other British car show, Fifth Gear, has managed to get their grubby mitts on the 2009 Focus RS and toss it at some curvy mountain roads. Not surprisingly, they kinda liked it. » 2/24/09 6:00pm 2/24/09 6:00pm

New Ford Focus RS Priced From $38,000

You can have the most forbidden of Ford's fruits, the 2009 Ford Focus RS, for £24,995 in Brit money or $38,359 if you're in the US and into torturing yourself. » 12/15/08 3:30pm 12/15/08 3:30pm