EXCLUSIVE: Leaked Ford Document Suggests Many More RS Models Are Coming

With the Focus RS release yesterday, and persistent rumors of a Fiesta RS floating around, it's safe to say that the air has been saturated with RS-speculation and interest. Which is why I wasn't too surprised to receive a leaked slide of Ford's upcoming RS plans. But I was very surprised at what I saw.


This morning, a courier knocked on my door with a package. It was special diatetic liverwurst that I, apparently, agreed to review. I didn't recall agreeing to this, but I agree to almost anything people ask me, so it was possible. When I opened the wax-paper package to try and spread the liverwurst on a 3x5 card (I'm out of bread) I found a lump. That lump was a USB drive with the Ford logo on it.

I plugged the USB drive into my computer, and found two files: a JPG and a text file. I opened the JPG and found a slide, which the text file said was from a much larger PowerPoint presentation from Ford's RS team. The file also told me there are more cars (they hinted at the Fiesta RS, but wouldn't confirm), but the anonymous sender felt this slide showed best the incredible work the RS team is doing. And I can't help but agree. Here's the slide:

Wow, right? It looks like the RS guys have really figured out the formula. What's impressive here is the range of vehicles they're giving the RS treatment to — the C-Max Energi Plug-in RS will be the first plug-in RS car ever, and, as I was told in the text file, the car is designed to "yank that plug right out of the goddamn wall."

The E-Series Cutaway is also a very interesting RS car. It seems it was originally picked due to the Cutaway's inherent low weight, but it's also being produced with an eye to a new line of RS-spec motorhomes, with both full living conditions and track-ready gear. I think that means there's a full-camper-box roll cage and a seat belt for the toilet.


The Transit RS will be available in high-roof spec as well, and Ford is planning, we're told, an exhibition race series of Transit RS church buses and airport shuttles to build interest. The Lincoln MKZ is a smart move as well, injecting some excitement into a brand that could really use it.

There's no specs just yet, but I think we can assume high-output turbocharged engines are expected, with a bump of at least 100HP from the models stock forms. Uprated brakes, suspension, and other equipment is pretty much a given as well.


This is all very exciting. More manufacturers could learn a thing or two from these leaked documents that I probably didn't just make up and crudely Photoshop. I hope no one gets in trouble for this leak, because, Ford, listen — there is only positive press to be gotten from this.

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