This Dealership Was Incredibly Stupid About a Ford Focus RS

Folks, hello. Welcome to the first episode of It’s the Car Time, brought to you by The Jalopnik Teens. It’s finally time to talk cars. Not that we don’t do enough of that here already.

Anyways, The Teens (who are not, uh, teens anymore) are me, the Social Media Editor here, and Staff Writer Justin Westbrook. The plan is to dive into some of the most interesting car stories we cover each week, through video, every Friday. In addition to talking news, we’ll also do Craigslist car search battles, an occasional mini Cargument (remember those?), and some other segments that will rotate in and out of the show.


It’ll be fun! At least for us.

Anyways, this week we’re chatting about those dealership employees who took a customer’s Ford Focus RS out for a manual driving lesson, the NASCAR cars for teens, that dumb Volkswagen ad, my recent car purchase, and more!


Watch the video. Let us know what you think! Oh, and if there’s anything you want us to Cargue about, or any specific areas in the country you want us to zero in on for our Craigslist wars, let us know in the comments.

ex Jalopnik car boy, former social media editor.



Its amazing how I can’t tell if you both are 30 or 14, baby-faced bloggers man...