Here's An Even Better Version Of The Fiat 124 Exhaust Note

We managed to snag a listen to the exhaust note of the 2017 Fiat 124 Spider last night, but it was just for a few seconds, and we didn’t get to hear much. But, incredibly long and convoluted and frightfully boring story short, we managed to follow it up a bit later with a much better glimpse into what a Mazda Miata… »11/19/15 5:30pm11/19/15 5:30pm


2017 Fiat 124 Spider: This Is It, All Official And Stuff

We’ve known pretty much what the newly-reborn Fiat 124 Spider is going to look like ever since we got those spy photos back in September. We’ve known basically what it’s going to be like, dynamically, since we drove the new Miata, because, well, it pretty much is one. But now we really, really know what it’s like,… »11/17/15 11:44pm11/17/15 11:44pm

You Must Track A Vintage Roadster

Fiat may be coming out with a tarted-up MX-5 in the near future, but the original Fiat 124 Spider set such a high bar for pure joy that it’ll be tough to live up to. There’s no single car I’ve driven that’s as much fun and as easy to drive as the old 124 Spider. Here’s why you, too, must track an old roadster.
»8/13/15 4:08pm8/13/15 4:08pm

Want A Miata With Real Power? 'Extreme' Fiat 124 Abarth Confirmed

“It’s good, but what if it had more power?” Such is the question that has dogged the Mazda Miata for decades. Save for tuners and one turbo Mazdaspeed version, we’ve never really gotten it. Now the Italians are here to answer that question for us: the Fiat 124 Spider will get an “extreme” Abarth version. »7/20/15 7:00pm7/20/15 7:00pm

Confirmed: Fiat's Miata-Based Roadster Will Be Called 124 Spider

Mazda and Fiat have been cooking up a new roadster based on the 2016 Miata platform for a while now. First it was supposed to be an Alfa Romeo, then it was punted over to Fiat after Alfa decided to make their own roadster. (Apparently Mazda wasn't Italian enough for them.) But now we have an official name for the Fiat… »3/03/15 9:55am3/03/15 9:55am

[To protect its windshield from rocks and trees and whatever else you might encounter on a rally in

[To protect its windshield from rocks and trees and whatever else you might encounter on a rally in the early '70s, this Fiat Abarth 124 Spider had a sort of ante-windshield made of mesh bolted to the fenders. I have never seen one outside of this press picture. Photo Credit: Fiat] »9/19/14 12:00am9/19/14 12:00am