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Summer is here or will soon be here depending on whether or not you buy into BIG CALENDAR’s agenda, but regardless you need to get yourself a convertible and soon. The good new is, the Italian drop top you probably already forgot about, the Fiat 124 Spider can be had for some killer prices.


As you may have heard, Fiat has not been the harbinger of the “Italian small car takeover” that some of those cheeky ads from a few years ago alluded to. While the brand makes some fun and funky small cars, it takes a particular kind of buyer to plop their cash down on a Fiat. However, if you are looking for a convertible with a European charm at a reasonable price, the 124 Spider is a great choice and some dealers are practically giving these things away.

Naturally, my usual pricing disclaimer applies, and due to the fact that most Fiat stores are aligned with Chrysler-Jeep-Dodge franchises, I can almost guarantee that some of these stores are baiting buyers with suspiciously low advertised prices. However, with upwards of $2,000 factory customer cash in some areas, a smart shopper should be able to score a serious discount on a new 124 Spider.

The prices get even better if you are looking for a pre-owned car. In a scenario that no one could have predicted, the Fiat 124 Spider, despite being mechanically related to the Mazda Miata, did not retain the Japanese roadsters historically high resale value. I know, this is a shocking turn of events for a very popular Italian marque that has a reputation for impeccable quality.


Now it is possible to get a year old Spider with reasonable miles for well under the $20,000 mark.


Of course, finding an example with a manual may be more of a challenge, and you may want to spring for an extended warranty since most of the parts are of Italian origin, but these Spiders present a great value for those looking for a little extra sunshine in their summer driving.

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