Portrait Of F1 Star Lewis Hamilton Created From Hole Punch Dots

British artist and Formula One »10/29/08 2:40pm10/29/08 2:40pm race fan Nikki Douthwaite has taken Seurat's pointilism to a whole new level, creating an eight-by-five portrait of out of discarded hole-punch dots. Roughly 250,000 individual pieces went into the work, which Douthwaite finished just before Hamilton drives for an F1 title attempt at…

2009 French Grand Prix At Magny-Cours Cancelled, May Move To Disneyland Paris For 2010

First we lost the Canadian Grand Prix »10/16/08 8:30am10/16/08 8:30am from the 2009 Formula One schedule, and now the 2009 French Grand Prix has been dropped — only the second time since 1950 that the French have not hosted a Grand Prix event. A statement from the French Motosports Federation said simply "For economic reasons, the FFSA has decided…

Shots From Singapore Formula 1 Night Race Show An Amazing Light Show

This past weekend's Singapore Grand Prix »9/29/08 12:45pm9/29/08 12:45pm, the first-ever night race in Formula One, was guaranteed to grab the attention of even the most disenfranchised F1 fan. But why is that exactly? In a word, "unpredictability." The clear reason so many people have become bored with F1 is not because the cars aren't fast enough,…

KERS Electric Shock Explained; Watch Your Pencil Protectors

According to BMW Sauber, the reason behind the KERS electric-shock incident, seen above, which occurred during testing at the Jerez Speedway, was magic. Or at least, that's what the formal explanation looks like if you don't have a solid knowledge of electrical engineering. We're pretty good at chasing sparks and… »8/21/08 3:40pm8/21/08 3:40pm

Here's What Being Electrocuted By A Formula One Race Car KER System Looks Like

Remember when that mechanic for BMW Sauber's F1 team got electrocuted after he touched their KERS-equipped (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) Formula One car? Now we've got video. True, it wasn't enough to kill the poor guy, but still a pretty rough day if you're that mechanic, right? No, there weren't any giant… »7/30/08 9:20am7/30/08 9:20am

Toyota F1 Boss Says Team's Hybrid System May Not Be Ready For 2009 Season

Following the Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) shock received by a BMW/Sauber mechanic earlier this week, Autosport reports Toyota may not have their KERS system ready in time for the start of the 2009 season. Toyota F1 team president John Howett expressed concern about the new technology in an interview, saying… »7/23/08 12:30pm7/23/08 12:30pm